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    Can anyone recommend a good addition to my wee business?

    I agree with tanning, waxing - also do you do feet??
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    facebook group

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    Business Name - Nails and Tanning?

    Just a thought - is it possibe that you might add further treatments in the future? If so, then it may be best to choose a name that would cover this. I.E Tips and Tans could imply that these are the only ervices you offer, but in the future you might train in other treatments. It woiuld save...
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    Wait 29/30 Secs

    I already have Firefox and am getting this too- never used to get it! :hug:
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    Hi, I'm good thanks - looking forward to my weekend off! Hope all is ok with you.

    Hi, I'm good thanks - looking forward to my weekend off! Hope all is ok with you.
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    Collin Fry and mums passing

    Hi Lisa I saw Collin Fry a few years ago and am going to see him in June. Although I wasn't picked to receive a message, his show was excellent - very moving and sensitive - we laughed and cried, and it was very comforting even though nobody in our little group had a message. x
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    Stalls or circle

    We saw Paddy nearly 2 years ago and he was amazing! Really really funny. I was pregnant at the time and hubby thought i was going to give birth there and then from all the laughing! We are going to see him in swindon later this year and have got 2nd row seats on the aisle (same as last time we...
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    Do your staff think you are stupid?

    Well done - I bet you feel relieved she has gone now and you havent got to chase her about all the time. Onwards and upwards!! :hug:
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    Indian Head Massage Dilemma?

    We have one of the massage chairs which you lean into. It has a few different settings for height of seat and headrest which could be useful to you if you are going to be doing many of these in the future. When I was pregnant I used to have a back massage sitting up and the therapist would...
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    Anyone use URBAN TAN? what do you think?

    I got through 2 compressors fairly quickly and then bought the TC3 turbine from Tantrick about 4 years ago and its still working just as well as day one. We do lots of spray tans and the problem with the compressor is that I had to keep stopping and starting to let the air compress again - very...
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    Cost of insurance ?...

    I think nail insurance with professional beauty is around £35 a year, and beauty insurance is around £45 a year. There is also babtac and the guild and many more companies. x
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    Artdeco Make Up

    We use Art Deco and are really happy with the brand, training and company. Products are lovely. We don't retail the whole range, but sell the lip colours and glosses which most brides will purchase.
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    Best professional magazine??

    I prefer Scratch for nails, but get Pro Beauty as I have an interest in beauty and spa as well. I get occasional free copies from Guild, Nail File, and a couple of others. You could try calling and asking for a free magazine to be sent out so you can compare and subscribe to the one which you...
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    Odd waxing requests...

    We also have a lady that comes into us and has 1/2 leg wax but on her upper legs!
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    UV Gel! Help!

    wow - 6/8 layers sounds a lot! If the tips were coming away at the corners then it sounds like there was a problem with tip application. How was the gel coming away? From the sides, back, coming away clean etc? Can you say step by step how you prep as this could help us spot what is happening. x