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    Which skincare range for facials?

    In your situation as your using a range that's MLM I'd swap your existing range for Eve Taylor without any doubt. Just do it. I seems the perfect choice for you actually. I had considered it myself, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. My needs were different to yours. You are lucky that there...
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    Which skincare range for facials?

    Hi missyblue, My first skincare range is kaeso. A professional brand that is easy to use and just right for my entry level facials. Good products within the collections ranging from serums, radiance drops, eye gel, clay masks, facial oils and exfoliators. My second range is a luxury brand...
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    Positive Covid test

    I am so shocked that even with you being incredibly careful about things, how easily you have caught it. I hope you don't suffer too badly, we need you here Trinity! To be honest when the weather is really cold it is amazing how much "breath" can be seen when you are out walking and there's...
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    Help with client skin complaint

    Hi , It's good that you are keeping good records of all your interactions with this client thus far. I have a very .very sensitive neck which has a condition called poikiloderma of Civatte. I can use a product on my face and have no reaction, but my neck will itch like mad all over. I can wake...
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    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    HI , I have a feeling that if you just offer gel you could be limiting your market. My pedicure clients actually prefer normal polish on their toes as it suits them better. I have clients that work in healthcare situations and they are not allowed to have gel or polish on, so a few key colours...
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    Pricing for the ultimate facial

    Hi GRH, Great suggestions from the above experienced Geeks. I totally agree that you are providing too many individual elements. It's such a complex facial when really there is no need. It isn't a question of offering 2 or 3 procedures to all of your clients but more a careful plan as to...
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    BABTAC only offering 2 month discount!

    I am just in the process of renewing my insurance. I am with the FHT and have not been offered a discount. Actually though I don't expect one because they have worked their socks off in keeping us all up to date in some very difficult circumstances. There's updates almost daily and I am happy...
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    Anyone else almost done with this industry? Thanks Covid

    Feel totally the same as all of you posting here. To be honest there have been many occasions when I have felt like shutting up shop ( I'm a home salon for 32 years in March, been in the industry for 39 years) I feel worthless and in a job that seems totally pointless! Yes, our clients can do...
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    How long between lash lifts?

    I like an 8 or 10 week gap to ensure the lashes remain healthy and not get frazzled by too frequent treatments. Most of my clients are over 55 so are keen to ensure the health of their lashes. We do them about every other eyelash tint as it's quite a good interval for them. However, I will...
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    Please help! Lip waxing people who wear ppe/face masks

    It does look awful particularly after 3 weeks. All I can say is thank goodness for our masks to hide it, but it is the reason for the issue as well. I have noticed a change to my regular lip wax clients. I haven't grazed anyone , but there is a definite change in the way the strip wants to...
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    MRI scans with foils and glitter polish

    If I were you don't give the scanning department any excuse for your scan to not go ahead. Any slight element of doubt about whether or not the glitter is magnetic will be an excuse to cancel your scan! End of. That millions of pounds worth of scanner won't want to lay idle when it could...
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    I need a kit for my brow wax and tint course

    Contact the training provider as there is usually a preferred brand that they will train you with. Another added bonus is that it may come at a discounted price if there are a few of you on the course. Personally I like Refectocil and Apraise for tinting. Hive for the wax heater.
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    Wax pots for hot wax like Harley and Lycon

    I like Hive. Sturdy, well made and long lasting.
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    Wig for cancer patient Derbyshire

    Hi , Have a look into the cancer services at the Royal Derby/Burton hospitals to see if they have a department like we do at the Royal Stoke University hospital . There is a small suite next to the oncology department called "Fresh Hair Wig and Beauty Salon" - I have had clients get fixed up...
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    Christmas treatments

    Not doing any offers myself, if we are open ....who knows??? I want to introduce a warm oil facial with an introduction of a new addition to my skincare range for very dehydrated skin. Fingers crossed we can reopen !