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    Clients falling asleep?

    Plenty of times for me too! I think the funniest is if they have a very loud snore and it wakes them up....we have a good laugh about it if they know they have been snoring. Otherwise I say nothing so it doesn't make them feel self conscious. I definately take it as a compliment.
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    Need some nails advice

    How annoying for you, considering it is one of the easiest of products to remove. However time constraints in a salon make the tech forced into a rush job. Bear in mind most salons will not remove another salons products. A lesson learned by you and it will take ages for you nails to recover...
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    Nail price list help

    All good gel product suppliers will give you a cost per service break down. Get in touch with them and work out the costings down to even the few cotton wool discs that you use. That will be a starting point, check the competition and maybe work it around that . Don't start cheaper than the...
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    Eyelash extensions?

    Totally agree with wowbb, Learning something new is hard enough on the short courses offered today. To then add into it another brand which may be very different from that which you trained with will be a nightmare. Get qualified, get experience from family and friends and...
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    Waxing problem

    Moving on from your bad experience will take time, it's natural to worry even for those of us with loads of years of experience behind us. Did you leave her in a mess? bruised? marked? She may text you back if you ask her again if she's ok . If she does I would think that you have then...
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    Waxing problem

    Just thinking that the wax may have cooled too quickly becoming brittle because her skin may have been cold perhaps. ? I mean it has been freezing and her leg temp may have been low. Did you get it off without too much skin trauma? Or had the wax not set because she was very warm? Both...
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    Local support meet ups?

    Hi Jemmabeauty, It's not a ridiculous idea at all. I was a member of a local support group for my area for at least 15 years. We had guest speakers in all aspects of holistic therapies, and I even did a beauty led one myself. Ours disbanded because support was low. It seemed that always the same...
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    Eyelash and eyebrow tint and facial

    I mostly do method 2 exactly as CFBS describes.
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    INK flubber

    It's a brilliant base for nails exactly as you describe. No problems using it and it is really a trouble shooter for a few of my clients. Not all, just a few which I have in for them. I have a compatable lamp too btw. Just started using flubber top as well for the extra bit of long wear for my...
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    Lash lift help

    I got my dear hubby to have lash shield loading he didn't want the lift ha ha. My sister and daughter in law had the full monty and then straight in with my first paying client..I was so nervous! Freebies are good but I would only offer to family if you can. Clients think that if...
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    As on a previous post you say that you trained with Gateway workshops. Please check your certificate and I am sure there will be named insurers :- ABT The guild Towergate and if you choose another lash extension course make sure you will be able to add it onto your lash lift insurance...
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    Lash lift and tint?

    Hi there, yes I still use the brand that I trained in and my results are 100% perfect, everytime. Repeat bookings says it all. I trained in november and in our little group of trainees we were a little underwhelmed by the results of the day. We kept in touch and we all decided small shields...
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    Lash lift and tint?

    Hi New2Lashes, Like you I trained with Gateway Workshops not very long ago and we used eyeluvlashes. I am confused as I was also told that removal of the shield was done with a zig zag almost damp /dry cotton bud until the lashes were freed from the shield. Which products are you using? We...
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    Thin nails folding on themselves during soak off

    Hi there CFBS, Yes it's been a total whiteout, but only lost one appointment as there was a quick thaw...but we are due another load tonight! Back to the topic....I forgot to add that like you I have a few clients needing the treatment, so make sure it's worth the investment. The good news...
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    Thin nails folding on themselves during soak off

    Hi CFBS Your best removal is file down and then acetone soak. Timings are around 12-15 mins...but by the time you have done nail number 10 filed and wrapped it's ready to remove. It flakes off quite easily. However for a different method you can do a rebalance if you prefer, or if the boost is...