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  • Hi - thanks for responding. Yes if you could PM the salon details I'd be grateful - thanks x
    Hi Rouge
    I saw from some posts you did ages ago that you live in Southampton and do microdermabrasion. Is that right? If so please could you PM the details of your salon to me as I'd love to try it out!
    Thank you sweetness..i am ok,and i know things are not as bad as they seem,i worry too much....but i am now gonna concentrate on us,and my family can only watch the success of my life while they choose to dwindle and exist....oooh i have just noticed your birthday soon....LOL xxx
    Good to see another Decleor fan on the forums - everyone else seems to only have eyes for Dermalogica! Which range do you use self-employed out of interest?
    I'm going to olympia on monday. any chance you'll be there?
    If not, i''ll have to catch up with you sometime. At the mo i'm filling out a form for the princes trust to help me get my business started cause what i've done so far has n't come to anything. hoping to work during school hours then if i comes to it work till 5 in a few years but with the announcement we just had we might only have a tad time left. EXCITING AH!!!!!!
    SPEAK SOON. text me if you go to london on mon
    hi rouge, it's roses here.
    my name is michelle. As you know the warnings, i'm not hooked on the sorry for the delay....... i'm married with three kids,daughter and two sons ages 10;8;5. Ive been in a (divided home) as some put it untill 8 weeks ago. my husband has now the same hope we do. He s never been aposesed but it still makes some things difficult. Any way hope you enjoyed saturday. Will you be there at bournmouth? if so we could meet some where! on the field maybe. i completed my 50 hours on sat 22. 1st time im well pleased. have you pioneered?
    I'm only into the nails and have been for about four years. tryed starting my own business in the last year and not had any progression. BACK TO DRAWING BOARD FOR ME.
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