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  • Hi, I read a post you wrote quite a while back I'm wondering if you could help me on where I can get hold of a in car charger for my australian hy wax heater? Xx
    Hey Jacq, thanks for the delivery of the extractor fan! Any sign of the other sachets of tan extender yet?
    Cheers love! xx
    Just a big huge thankyou to you and your hubby, for my delivery today! Was so chuffed!!! Thanks again Jacq! xxx
    Right just so you know Im back online now, bit later than I hoped but hey ho!

    Just read your post, nothing wrongI hope, PM me whenever, I have clients from 7, but should be finished by 9 so will reply after that!

    :) xxxx
    so just to be absolutly sure if i use too much spray that wont affect the orange factor as long as i use the right dha % is that right? x im sure im doing it right in fact i think the spray might have been too light on my first lady as i was very scared to turn her orange!!!
    Thank you soooo much she came out fine xxx im just worried now about my last client who looked a bit orange!!! she was pregnant but hopefully she will be ok i just need some confidence in doing it xxx oh could you please give me the pirces for the retail bits you stock once again thanks your a star xxx
    hi jackie, im after sachets of the exfoliator if you can get these? many thanks lucy x
    Hi you its me yet again!!!
    Im so sorry about this right i have my kit coming tomorrow but i forgot to get some bits could you help me? what products do you sell? xx
    Hi Jackie,I missed the job at laroc. :( Also having trouble with my gel nails, they only seem to last about a week and then start peeling at the sides of the free edge and I get bubbles. Don't get me started on applying tips...x
    Hello again, who would you recommend to get insurance with? I want to be covered for the nails and the odd beauty treatment which I do for friends outside salon.
    Hi Jackie, I left my gels on till last night, two of them had a bubble on the stress area??? and a couple were peeling on the side of my free edge, I'm thinking too thin application??? Bio did phone last week but I was driving up to the midlands so my son took the call and couldn't hear what she was saying, was it just a courtesy call? has the gel come yet? My nails look great by the way despite having gel on for a week, came off like pva glue! I have a day in Apropos in pembroke on thurs, I've had my interview and they just want to see how I work but Sandra mentioned she wants to bring Bio into the salon so will need to train the girls. She's also getting someone in to do spray tan training. speak soon. xxx
    thankyou for your post regarding ABC....i will remain open minded,and look forward to excel .gabi xx
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