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  • hahaha I agree! Great movie plot! Don't forget the butt reading via Jackie! That's gotta be in the plot somewhere :lol:
    Hi Jacqui!
    Hope you're having a good weekend!
    Laura Mercier can be bought through Space NK, either online or instore. It's good to go instore as the consultants are excellent and will choose the right shade and give you application tips.
    I find that applying to the waterline, ie from under the upper lashes, gives a lovely full lashline with no fear of migrating upwards.
    Also, for bottom or top lashes, you could try double-setting the set liner with a powder shadow on top, which will also soften the line. The Benefit smoky eyes kit is good for this.
    Have fun! Carolyn, xxx
    Innit :) that made me laugh a LOT!
    I've seen someone with their "s" key missing on here too! Look out for itz and pleaze! I mean cooooome on!!
    Enjoy your evening with the word of the day loo roll! :)
    Aww hon, sorry didn't see this one last night. Glad you made the best of the situation then and got away. Good on ya!
    Yeah, I'm concocting a plan to try and get me out the hellhole :)
    Hope your week is going well xx
    Hell yeah, you're going to get a place on HNC, you're doing fab :) You'll be student of the year, I bet you! You're so enthusiastic, and it's great you get time to tinker and play all day. I WISH!!!! :)
    If you feel like that as a full timer, imagine my 4 hours a week in salon :/ I'm papping it!! I have really lost my confidence again. But then, I simply don't have time to practice. And finding models - don't get me started!
    I know, I'm looking out for stuff (hairwise) but I can't afford to live on £2.65 an hour! Have even thought of moving back to my parents, to see if I can get an adult apprentice job. Least if I did get one, I wouldn't have to worry about food/bills/rent! But it'd be a massive nightmare for me.
    My dad as usual did his speech he did when I was 16 about No daughter of mine.... and you'll never make any money doing that.... this weekend - which also didn't help. His advice - stay in the job you're doing it can't be that bad :/ Despite the fact I cry every day/night hving to go there as I hate it so much.
    BAH! Anyway, I won't ramble!
    My pink is pretty much gone, and I've got some greens creeping in again! :/ I'm thinking of laying off the pinks for a bit, as I am job hunting (9-5 job) so if I get interviews, best not to have multicoloured hair. Although I'm sure I could get it out pretty quick if needed and wear a bun!! :)
    Lol, having a mild, 5hit I've only got 5 assessments left and I actually don't know what I'm doing. BAH!
    Anyhoo... how's your week off going? Loving the clocks changing, the days seem to fly by!
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