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    Elim or Footlogix?

    Looking to train in a specialist pedi it’s brand over winter... which do you think Is best? Thanks :)
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    Bio Sculpture Evo feedback

    Hey All, Thinking of swapping from TGB to Evo, I can't seem to find anything about it being Hema free? But, I kind of gather it is? Has anyone else made the swap? I'm slightly concerned about the small colour range but saying that clients will pick from what you have so I think it'll be ok...
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    Quiet times and what to do?

    Me? No I haven’t :(
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    Nail art gel paints?

    I would go for Young Nails they're highly pigmented and easy to use
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    The Gel Bottle x Bio Sculpture

    I'd be interested in this if anyone replies :)
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    Quiet times and what to do?

    I absolutely can not believe that you have never had a single person ask if a product is cruelty free, with the rise in popularity and similar to the OP, myself and a massive proportion are either vegan or shopping and choosing ethical products. Now I know the majority of nail products are vegan...
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    Taking the next step in 2021

    Hey, I work for an academy that does apprenticeships in hair and beauty, where are you based?
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    Online training recommendations for hair and nails?

    Yeah of course, they are on apprenticeships so we have a duty to still provide training for them remotely, via zoom and other resources we have. it in no way will replace in person practical training but it is stuff to assist in the mean time, to keep the learners motivated and to ensure they...
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    Online training recommendations for hair and nails?

    Hey Everyone, hope you're coping at this difficult time. I work for a training provider and we are having to try and train remotely I'm currently looking for more online courses and training and wondered if you lovely people could recommend anything? Thanks so much (hope this post is allowed)
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    Anyone heard of Gellifique gel polish?

    Gellifiques new range states hypoallergenic neither of the chemicals are in them, they’re based in Edinburgh. If you do your research the facts are there.
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    Hair extensions tape - Oakley academy

    Has anyone used Oakley academy, they often come up in searches and wondered if they were ok?
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    Anyone heard of Gellifique gel polish?

    Not true, they don’t sell in China. A product is only tested on animals of sold there.
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    Anyone heard of Gellifique gel polish?

    Hey, I use gellifique its really good. Great coverage, I went through one of their reps on instagram sketch nail design and he's been a dream to work with. I hate their website but I've found him really good to deal with.
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    Colours from client's home?

    Of course that wasn’t my question I’m a professional I just work in apprenticeships now and do a lot of clients at home! My question was is there anything which makes washing it off easier rather than over a bath! I’ve been hairdressing for a long time I’d never not skin test I know the...
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    Which brand? I need new, good quality scissors

    always Joewell for me