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    Best lash extension training?

    I think you'll find it very hard to find anyone better than Frankie Widdows the quality of her training and knowledge is simply outstanding.
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    Recruitment advice, support, I'm at breaking point!

    Thanks for your reply guys. Sadly I can't do treatments anymore due to my age and bones!. Sadly I couldn't rent out the rooms as it wouldn't even cover the running costs of the business. I think my only answer is to start the academy I've been thinking of, the universe has a funny way of...
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    Recruitment advice, support, I'm at breaking point!

    I know ! have ranted on here many times about the state of recruitment in the beauty industry, but I'm about to hit rock bottom and need help before I give up. After eight years of giving everything I have to my salon I am about to close the doors. I cannot recruit able or experienced...
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    Online booking systems

    I've recently tried Ovatu as I'm looking for a new provider but I found the interface really dated, fussy and confusing, trying to make an appointment seemed so long winded, I gave up and as the rest of my team are technophobes they wouldn't know where to start. I've tried Shedul but once I...
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    Can my employer stop me from going on training courses

    I send my team on training courses, but they are all in the week as I think the providers understand that the weekends are the busiest period for beauty and massage therapists. I'm surprised your boss isn't encouraging you to learn, I'd be thrilled you were interested, until last week I had...
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    Salon software for freelance/mobile

    I have had a slightly worrying experience with Shedul, they're going live with their online payment option which is managed by another platform, which then promotes other local salons to your clients. It may be free to use but that's too large price to pay for me!.
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    Unaccredited trainer-please help!

    If they get funny about it you may also want to quote the "misrepresentation at 1967" at them too! If you need any advice drop me a message.
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    Where do you look for work?

    To all the talented wonderful therapists out there, where do you go to look for work?. I'm wondering if I'm completely out of touch with how people go job hunting at the moment, I am now about to enter my third month of recruiting and I am about to lose the will to live. I have a new treatment...
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    Flyers with treatment times-to add or not to add prep time?

    I always advertise my treatment timings without the preparation times. Many years ago it was pretty standard in the industry to advertise treatment time including the preparation and strike times but as customers became more savvy the industry began to change and the treatment time advertised...
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    Higher cost treatments marketing ideas?

    When I'm looking for treatments I'm not interested in the cost but I am put off by cheap, the bright red wording about permanently lowering your prices would make me concerned as a potential client. With procedures like this I'm looking for reassurance about the quality not how cheap something...
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    Spray tanning flower girl?

    I would also check with your insurance company and local authority regulations.
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    Busy beautician but still not covering her wage?

    You may ask and I will be shame faced!!! I was in a rush and hadn't cleared a previous calculation from my crap touchscreen calculator! That'll teach me to be a little miss smarty pants!.
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    Busy beautician but still not covering her wage?

    From the figures provided you have a therapist with four years experience, earning 6.83 p.h. You're getting 60 bookings per month with an ATV of £32, therefore bringing in around £5-6k per month. Firstly give her a pay rise and commission base that takes her up to £10 per hour at least, if she...
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    Busy beautician but still not covering her wage?

    Can I just clarify, you're paying her £1,007 per month for 34 hours per week? If so I'm assuming she's under 21, if that's the case I have found it helpful with younger people to invest as much time as possible in customer service training, you need to bear in mind that new therapists only...
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    Advice needed, going mobile

    That does sound like a difficult situation and unpleasant to be in, I don't blame you for wanting to leave, I would too!. If you go mobile have you thought about trying to keep the clients in the area of your current business, you could assign days of the week to certain areas to reduce...