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Ruth Mills
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  • Ruth thanks so much for sharing the vid of the talk, how brave are you must have been so nerve racking. Many of the tips shared were things I have learned from, thanks ever so much and look forward to the site launch. Will share share share! xx
    Ah yes if it went up on Youtube etc that would be amazing, will keep an eye out for that and Rre tweet / share wherevere possible xx
    Hey Ruth just dropping you a line to say that I wont be able to make the Wax Show this time around (boo) however I am keeping an eye on the whole thing, have a fab day there it is going to be great! xoxo
    Hiya Ruth, hope all is well your way. I have seen the thread about nail services for the transgendered community and also wonder if there is more info floating around. It would be so great to be able to pass along to those who really feel quite isolated when it comes to getting treatments... showing people that there is a little light out there for them too :) If you need to email me my addrress can be found via my website glamglamnails.co.uk Thanks Ruth, look forward to hearing from you xx xoxo
    Thank you Ruth. You are a fountain of knowledge xx
    Thank you for putting the link up Ruth and for the heart. Anne xx
    Hello you, hope you are keeping well. Don't see you about as much these days so good to see you back xxx
    Hey Ruth, not seen you on the site in ages so hope everything is ok with you and yours.
    Hi Ruth,

    Just searching the forums and it looks like you come highly recommended with regards website design. Could you give some more details on services and price please. Thank you Joanne
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY XXXXXXX a kiss for every year sending so much love and light to you both xxx
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