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  • Hi ruth

    I am inneed of a web site and a few of the ladies on here recommend you .
    At the moment i ve started a mr site one up but i do not have a clue of how to do this . I am starting out in beauty and really want too hit alot of peolpe and the web is the palce to do this .

    Please could you let me know how much you charge for web sites

    many thanks

    Hi Hun, I hope you don't mind me asking but I have a website through Yellsites and it seems OK, but not what I would have designed and I find it difficult to action changes to the site when I am used to doing it myself. Anyway it has been running for about 4 months now and I am getting more visitors each month. 147 this month but only 2 bookings which were the only 2 enquiries. This seems wrong to me. My bounce rate is roughly 50% and visitors spend 2-4 minutes on my site. Have you got any advice on how to convert these visitors. I know it is cheeky to ask and once my contract ends with Yell I am defenitely hoping that you could look after me then. Huge thanks in advance. PM me if you want to contact me by phone or e-mail and I will give you my info
    hi ruth i just sent you an email,just wondered about cost of a website,and monthly cost? thankyou in advance. :)
    Ok thats Ruth your a trooper...I know, idiots like me on here are just taken advantage of. I have posted a ad on facebook, asked every friend I know etc etc NOT one person can recommend anyone, so thanks for this tip I will call tomorrow and hopefully get somewhere. Its all really getting to me, Ive gone back on ebay but at least this is bringing the orders in to pay the bills...just fed up spent all this money on a new website and nothing 5 months on almost. The old site brought it loads of work, thanks though, will let you know, Lyn
    Ruth, HI, Im tearing my hair out with a local SEO company I employed 4.5 months ago @ £180/month to SEO/Market my new website
    I dont know much (as you know) re the tech stuff, but I know there are probs with my site that the SEO company AND the guy who designed the site (who also hosts it) are not listening to me, just fobbing me off. (These are 2 different companies by the way).
    Anyway Im just clutching at straws here, and wondered if you can recommend an individual or company in my area who I can approach with a view to taking the SEO side of things on - AND the website design if its not up to scratch. Im in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, but Bath, Bristol, Weston Super Mare areas too....I dont mind travelling for the RIGHT company...What a minefield this all is. They quite happy to take all your hard earned money and just dont deliver.
    I know my back links are spammy rubbish, etc....just cant anywhere with them.
    from a desperate Lyn !
    Thanks for your quick reply Ruth,
    I wish i could afford a better Apilus but i can just about manage a Cleo ( even that will take a few months of savings). Could i also ask, does hair feel like its being tugged when the electrolygist pulls the hair out. It's just that i've seen a few youtube clips and it looks like the hair is not sliding out.
    I'm blushing... Scrub up alright me. I would like to look like that more often but my hair has other ideas. I usually get called Medusa LOL
    Hi Ruth - I see you give a load of advice on web this a service that you offer yourself? Sadly the person to whom I paid a deposit many months ago has still not finished mine so, with the climate being as it is, I really need to get one done to generate some business. I've contanced the monkey people that you suggested...could you quote?
    thnaks in advance
    Hi Ruth, sorry for the delay in replying, not used SG on the lap top for ages, only just saw the notifications! xXx
    I investigated weebly last night and again this morning and it is fabulous, so thank you so much for telling me about it, as it isn't one that came up when I googled web hosts. Office Live seem to suggest they can give domain registration key or something so hopefully will be able to switch it. But what is so great about weebly as it seems you can build your website and then later make it go live. I hope I have understood that correctly as I've already got to wok copying and pasting. Thanks again. Really appreciate you taking time to reply.
    Thank you for your reply. My website is I will have a look at weebly then and investigate. My website has just grown and grown over the years so it will take forever to move, so I know I'll need to get on to that asap. Just so difficult to make a decision as to what to do. And how I move my domain name too!
    Hi Ruth, I posted a thread about my website and someone suggested I ask you- hope you don't mind. My website is with Office Live Small Business and they have just told me they are shutting Small Business down. So they want me to move over to Office 365 which is more expensive. I want to know if there are any other hosts that might be cheap or free like office live small business, and if you know how I could move my site without losing everything. I know nothing about html! It's all a case of type here.. in office live!! Thanks for reading.
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