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  • I know it's not far at all really... half hour, 40 mins... I might have to come and have a cuppa
    Well, I've spent the day with a 10 yr old, a 4 yr old, 4 x 3 year olds and 2 x 2 year olds for Anthony's 3rd Birthday party. I am totally knackered. House was destroyed but I have cleaned it all... Just got the bin to empty and that's me DONE!
    Well if you can crack JAVA, you've well shot off the AWESOME-O-METER in my opinion. You were already at the top ringing the bell!
    There you go again, being bloody wonderful. I have had a very bad experience with JAVA, long godawful story which I will tell you one day x
    Ruth, something made me stalk you today.

    You are totally wonderful, damn clever, gorgeous and I totally admire your candidness. I am in fact, in awe of you, love.

    I love your sites x
    HI Ruth, i've just realized you gave me a rep. thanks very much. i didn't actually know you could do that, quiet Janurary, only now getting my way around SG.
    Thanks for accepting. I noticed you were from Shropshire, I used to live in Bridgnorth! :)
    You're very welcome...electrolysis is a fairly complex skill to learn and being able to get advice and information about it is so useful! Thanks Ruth. PB x
    Hi Ruth, I just wanted to say how fantastic and helpful your advice has been on the "Electrolysis Help" thread. I am currently learning electrolysis at college and I found your advice and experience absolutely invaluable! Thanks so much. PBx
    You're welcome Ruth, that's my pleasure :hug: ... thanks for the rep too though x
    Hi Ruth, It was lovely too meet you and Sonia also, hope you enjoyed the rest of the show. Jack x
    Thank for the rep. Not on the computer much so dont get a chance to see them, infact ive never even looked! Clicked on by chance lol. x
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