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  • Sounds great, and quite a bit bigger than the one we go to that is just held at our friends' place in their back garden where they have the stone circle and whatnot. Wow, Bournemouth for midsummer then; used to have a friend that liked going to Stonehenge for the summer solstice...
    just the main 4, great stuff, loads of craft stalls, readings etc and live groups in the evening, last one, we were treated to the Dolmans and then Medievel Babes there was a disco after, me and my bro wanted to go to it but the kids were to knacked and made us come home!! My bro recons the place to be for mid summer is Bournemouth. Will have to see what my shift patten is, but will try for him.
    I usually make it to the ones down in Hammersmith with my bro and 2 youngest kids,19yrs an 21 yrs lol we have a great time
    Hiya Ruth...
    My webpage is just a daft freewebs one...nothing serious...there was just a big thing about it a week or so's all in the blogs... :D It is incredibly cheesy...!!!
    Anyway I love your photo's...and you are a very talented bodypainter...lovely work sweetie xxxxxx
    Lovely pics ruth and im loving the body painting ones...very talented xx
    Thats a fab article mate! Yes I'll be working on the Nail Creation stand at Excel so please pop over and say hi xxx
    I saw this in reveal and have just re-read it and have to say what a fab wife you have and you look much nicer in your female clothes x Not that you dont anyway lol
    no he's working bless him... we are going to be on-line at the end of the month so he is putting TOO many hours in to make it happen!! Get the geeky wife involved in nails and make it a family affair!!
    I am gigling at that message... forgod sake don't cow-tow too much!! He's not even home yet!!! He deserves a kick up the butt right now!! :)
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