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  • Yep - and you can bet your bottom dollar that it's those obnoxious smarmy salespeople making top dollar out of your hard graft as well as those rich capitalist slave drivers!
    Ruth, it's a pleasure! I'm of the opinion that the Groupons of this world are just mega exploitative of small business owners at the benefit of big business (the people running Groupon and the private equity companies and venture capitalists making a shed load out of it) and cheapskates who just want to pay rock bottom prices for everything and don't give a damn about customer loyalty!
    hi-how are you?-
    remember me?-from Greece!
    ....after a very very long time I wanted to just say hi!-as I can see you made big progress here!-congrats!!!!
    Hi Ruth, can't seem to find the acetone on the shop website? Any ideas where I can purchase it or maybe I'm missing it! xx
    Hi Ruth, I've posted photos to the MYscara mania group. What product did you use to remove the residue of the glue from the tweezers, I do a lot of separating so they get a bit gunky! xx
    Hi Ruth

    Just want to say a big thank you for today. I really enjoyed your training and it was lovely to meet you, also thank you so muh for doing my MYscara, means I might look like I have made some effort on the school run.

    Thanks again
    Annie x
    Hi Rith

    Just wanted to say hi before my training on Sunday 26th, really looking forward to it.

    Annie x
    Hi Ruth,

    Thank you for a great training day today for MYscara. I found it really friendly and relaxing. Am really happy with my 1st attempt, will post photos tomorrow and Kat loves her new lashes. Thanks again for all your help and information on the lash in a flash, will contact them tomorrow about it! xx
    Hi Ruth
    They arrived last week but I've not had time to put them on anyone yet they look quiet strange there straight then they look like a hook on the end!! I'm going to have to do a full set on a willing guinea pig and hope they look better on than they do in the packet!!ha ha I'll post a picture up when I've done them :)
    I doubt that VERY much... is that a pic I see of you there in the middle with your two children.. hello you're stunning (well from what I can see of you that is :lol:)
    It's so weird on here isn't it?.. chatting away to people and we've no idea what they look like... actually I quite like that!! ;)
    hi ruth! i was wondering what kind of glue should i use? i feel like the one in my kit i got from cta is slow drying - its sticky and gloopy! am i too fast? or doing it wrong x
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