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  • Ok that's a bit weird.. at the very same time I wrote great minds, you were posting that on the thread ha ha ha ha!!!!
    Hi Ruth, thank you for your message. I've just started training last month and am going to a beauty salon in Dundee. I did my 1st client on the Friday and it went well apart from the stickies :( Am going to use pore tape first and then my gel pads on top for my next client tomorrow. I use ultrabond 5 and it sets in 5 seconds (says on the bottle) I haven't tried anything else so I don't know what's the best, but I do like working with this one. It's a lot to take in but I'm enjoying it! :):hug:
    Hiya Ruth
    Yes it is Natalie, I thought I'd send the request as you were really helpful with making my mind up! I am so excited about the room now I am fit to burst, I just want to get in and see it and see what its like so I can say yes for definate!!!! Whoop whoop!
    I like it and the clients seem to be ok, the Flirties expert is quite fumey too. I think they are probably similar glues. I did hardly any lashes for a while and suddenly I am doing them every day again. The 3D one is a tiny bottle, but that is fine if not too busy. I am going to stick with it for now and see how I get on xxx
    hiya ruth, not used glam lash glue for a while. Been trying a few different ones. Used ABX yellow top one which was great, but not great returns, using Level 3 3D from AH Francis just now. great results but really fumey. Like it though :) How you getting on with them?
    ohh well lucky you ha ill have to have a look later did you just type in computer desk? ive seen loads of nail stations but there all rediculos prices xxx
    Thanks...there should be a law that everyone has to do a workshop with Sam :hug:
    Not really sure about the cluster lashes to be honest. I would assume that you can do them but you never know! I did express lashes when i did my masters with Nouveau. They teach the open eye method which i don't like at all so i do them with the eyes closed. Would be interesting to know how others teach it. I have been approached by an eyelash company with regards to using my salon as a training centre and they wont do express lashes at all!
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