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  • Thanks for your comments on my lashes! I can't remember where i read how to do the express lashes. It wasn't a tutorial, it was on someones picture comment. Have done the course now and it's the same as applying normal extensions, you just don't isolate and the donor lash can go on more than one lash. Off to look at your pics now : )
    i meant every word hun you have some beautiful work - its nice seeing other peoples work it inspires me and keeps me going lol. im glad to know someone else struggles with the 'wrong hand' lol. i'll tell my mummy she gave me a good name lol x
    You are not that far away hun. Let me know when you are free, maybe we could meet up for a coffee. xxx
    I did my nails the other day, the left had is'nt bad at all but some of the ones on the right are dodgy to say the least, but saying that they look better than the ones I did when I was first learning, they also only took half the time, heh heh heh. xxx
    The leaflet thing might be a good idea, also I think I will put a notice in the the local shop windows too. Its a confidence thing i think. xxxx
    Hey x I'm good, hows u? eekk!! Reverse app going ok, struggling to get my side walls even. On YN website Greg goes on about dohnuts!! But when I achieve a dohnut, i lose my precision with the actual shape of smile line - but line is sharp and clear every time. Practice,practice!! Thanks for asking. I'll have to start taking pics and get them up so I can get some good geek feed back! xx ;-)
    I have tried Gumtree but only got one reply and I was away that week!!! I did'nt get the coverage powder as I have a pot of Tracey's mix to finish off, and given my client base at the moment its not worth spending the money. I have got a mix of slices and canes, from the pictures the slices look quite thin so fingers crossed. I suppose I could try some other web-sites but am a little nervous of do that, given it took me ages to get up the courage to go on Gumtree and that did'nt get me very far. I am a little nervous of the internet I suppose, I find it a bit daunting. xxx
    Yeah me neither hun defo wont be driving in glasgow haha! can handle edinburgh lol x
    Yeah i tried calling to but must be shut for the bank holiday, i cant see any dates for june in edinburgh,just the one for glasgow on the 13th june the rest of the dates are for other course types x
    I am not too bad. Not had much in the way of clients, maybe 5 over the last 2 months or so. I need to re-advertise for the summer. Glad you are getting on well, its always good to hear when someone is managing to do well. I have ordered some fimo slices and sticks and cant wait to get going with them. I have been looking at the Young Nails tutorials and am trying to have a go at some of them, but made nothing but a mess so far. I would just like to get to work properly, you know. xxx
    Yeh cant wait to do the lashes have msg'd louise at glam lash see if they have any weekend dates wd be good if we got same dates lol x
    Haha a know ruth yeh just about to phone glam lash up i need a weekend day if possible for david working too x
    Hey there hun, how are you? I hav'nt been on for such a long time, whole thing was getting me down. Trish xxx
    Just had my logo done with verve design so was thinking of getting something for the car a fab way to advertise x
    Hiya ruth yes im in kirkcaldy just a few doors down seen ure sign when u passed my house looks fab x
    I bought a small travel hairdryer from Argos for £4.99. My clients couldn't care less what I use as long as their nails look nice. I haven't tried an infra ray lamp so am not sure about that but if you do then let me know how you get on with it. They are really, really easy to use and the instructions are on the back of the packs. The normal ones have ones big enough for toes as well and the pro cut ones are fab for using as tips. They stay on well and can be overlaid with acrylic or gel! xx
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