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  • Hello my little chicken, nice to see you again! Thanks for you piccie comments, very kind. The wraps are really great to work with and stay on so well and you get at least 2 sets from one pack! Well worth trying. I think the minimum order is only 3 packs as well so not too expensive to try. You can use a normal file as well so no need for the glass one. x
    Hi I was wondering I am thinking of renting a room for my Beauty, but I am not sure how to go about this, do you just call lots of hair salons ect to find a room or email? I would appreciate any advice many thanks Keeley x
    Hi, thanks for your post reg reverse application. Really appreciate it. Miss Tracey already!! Don't know what I'm gonna do with out her! hee. Thanks again x Victoria
    Yeah pity Tracey was delayed though with the whole Volcano scenario though, wish it was me heading off! The girls seem to be doing great in the salon too.
    im thinkin of calling round once i get back my hols in June, ill let you know how i get on. Cant wait to see pics of your room, very exciting.
    Hope you and yours are well too and keep in touch.

    Thats really good news Ruth, well done u! Where did you do your spray tan training?
    Ive been kept going but not overally busy. I would like to do what your doing and get a room for a few days so keeping an eye out but im not sure I will be able to due to my work etc.....
    My sister is thinking about doing a spray tan course and poss a waxing course so I would like to also do it along with her if I can, and that would be something else ticked off list!
    Well keep me up to date with how your doing and I hope it all goes well for you babe.
    ;) xxx
    dont let Gigi hear you say that!! Remember, perfect practice makes perfect!! :lol: I'm sure we'll get there in the end. Shouldnt really be playing with the fun stuff, must be sensible and get back to perfecting my pink and whites!! :irked:
    Thanks for the pic comment. Its not easy is it? I think its the you tube video's i watch, they make it look far too simple!!! x
    Hi honey, its russian navy matte by opi...........but if you just like the colour they do it in normal lacquer and squede too x
    I have to thank you sooo much for your sweet comments to my album-sorry-I wasnt here for a long time. I also had very little time sincee X-mas-so I did only a few new designs-I hope you like them.
    And thank you for the offer to the rings competitions-would have liked to enter-but I have missed it totally. Never mind-next time!
    I hope you had a great start into the New Year-last but not least!!!!!
    Hey, how's you? I pm u about 2 wks ago, but my computer has been playing up so just wanted to make sure you got it babe?
    PM me when u get a chance, I see it all go with the salon........ how exciting! xx
    im actually based in thornton, but live in glenrothes. Im on the main street, within "back to health" i rent a room there 3 days a week and love it! you wont regret going self employed, best thing i ever did! your nails are lovely xx
    yeah, am kept quite busy so all good! Yeah, wedding fayre is at rothes halls. Are you going too? I know where you are, when you getting started? bet you cant wait! xx
    Hi there, thanks for those nice words. I have not visited geek for some time. i have been spending alot of time with the aussies techs on nailtips. so sorry for the late reply to your message xx mel
    thank you for ur comment on my photos xx the nails in that photo took me ages to do the lace was a little too thick and i didnt do her nail beds long enough lol grrr lol xx
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