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  • You're welcome. You couldn't remind me of what I said could you? It's been a little while since I've been on here.
    Thanks for all the nice comments. If you use the gel pens or even the sharpie and paint pens need to dry before you put anything on top of them, but it does not take long. And as far as the toe rings go, they are easy! Practice sculpting your roses or even other things--I have done turtle, frogs, cherries--all kinds of things. I have even done plain disks with clay canes and glitter embedded in them.
    Just to add a note to your recent discovery of Sharpie's, I also use paint pens and gel pens from the scrapbooking department with great success.
    I am feeling much better ... Thanks so much for the message. Just a 24 hour thing thank goodness. Not nice while it lasted though. Off to Oz next week. : )
    No problem :)
    I'm just starting out myself since I qualified - Even though that was 5 years ago lol.
    Can I ask how you uploaded your pix?
    I've managed to create an album but can't find where to upload them x
    Many thanks for posting the young nails link, I spent this afternnon looking through the tutorials and I have just sculpted a preety brilliant P&W. The smile line is brilliant lol. I did try a bit of art but that was a disaster lol. I like your work your not afraid to experiment with the colours etc, you have come a long way in a very short period xx
    Thankyou for the comments you made on my 'Bloody Rose' photo. You have completely made my day! xx
    Thanks for that hun I have a wheat beanie which is getting blasted as I type :lol:
    I hate being cold maybe should put my heating on :lol:
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