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  • Hi
    Im so new to salon geek this is my first message so not sure if this is how to chat to people lol. just wanted to ask you if you had completed the cnd master yet?
    Hi Yep i couldnt agree with you more on this hun, i am from Broughton, after travelling just about everywhere i came back to sunny salford but just up the rd to trinity way near the MEN Areana. where abouts are you now? are you enjoying it? i dont know anyone by the name you mentioned, where in salford are you from? small world eh x
    thanks for the rep! Not sure why everyone has to get so nasty and personal all the time. GRRRR craziness...
    Its going well a job in a fabbo salon so only got a couple nights for my own clients....Im learning everyday hehehe.
    Its just a little slow and I dont have the time at the moment to get put there and market myself :(
    Thanks for the comment :)
    hows everything going?
    did your girls have fun? mine kids did, I had a witch , a airman and a monky lol bit of a mixtuer lol its a shame it was a sunday this year as it was all over way to fast lol
    Hi yes that did i think its a confidence thing ive only just started out so i automatically persume people will just think im trying to make money. but i know its a good product because ive being using it on my own nails!x
    AAAAAAH you be fine huni, Member to take lots of piccy huni,what you doing to feet and nails then huni xx
    Im good hun got a wedding party tomorrow so a good 5hrs or so of hands and feet lol looking forward to it...doing the brides hands and feet and a couple relatives so will be a long afternoon...glad you sorted that client out...I have not tried uv toppie over colour...perhaps I wont do that now :(
    I have such a headache :(
    Hello huni hows you? :)
    I did my Client she was fine, they had not Lifted what had happened, the client had naturall tips on, as she likes to paint them her self, so i applied a UV top coat over painted enchancements:mad::mad::mad: wont be doing that again..... but just all started to crack, I did mension to her, that I didnt know How it would be, all sorted now all tied up aback to new:):)
    How you getting on xx
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