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  • Yup, I'm on Facebook too, twice! As Gemma Pinfield-Thomas and Up To Scratch Nails. Regardless of what happens, I'm just so glad I went on Friday - brilliant experience. x
    Oh honey, yes it's still on! So lovely to meet you too and I shall always think of you as a hyena - ha! Seriously, message me the minute you get your call and I promise to do the same... in fact, if you jump on my website you can grab my mobile number, it would be lovely to keep in touch. xxx
    Hi there, thanks for putting the pics up of the bucket bags!! They look lovely! I went onto the website you suggested and there are two on there which one did you get, the large or smaller one? Cheers xx
    I defo will. Ooo - I'm excited. Is it strong enough? Haven't had any problems with the strap or anything? Sorry for all the questions lol xx
    Hello :) Thanks for uploading the pictures hun. Wow, you've got everything in yours. I see yours has a lid? Thanks for the link aswel, I might get one from that site instead :) xx
    Just looked at your pictures - wow. Gorgeous. I am hoping to be able to pick up some crystals at the Excel show next week? May even look at Minx - you have inspired me. x
    Hi Just noticed a thread from you about Rock Star toes with Shellac, I have never heard of this before, how are you doing them? I live in Spain so perhaps I am behind the times! Thanks x
    Thank you so much for the lovely picture comment ... I cheated with those smile lines by tidying them up with a flat gel brush, but usually I just do them free hand cause it's so much quicker :)
    I bought a new top today for you know what ;) it's black satin-ey material, it has puffy shoulders made out of lots of rose shapes IYKWIM?? lol xx
    Alrighty my lovely!! I have!! Uploaded them on Sunday, bit slow on the uptake aint ya!!?? ;) I have to say I did do it late at night tho so you prob missed them, they fleeted in & out of view. Please come rescue me, I'm being subjected to Ice Road Truckers!! xxx
    Hi.. hope you didn't mind me mentioning you on the thread about the rhinestones... I just thought you did such a gorgeous job and the crystals you used look so perfect!! :) x
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