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    Do you use gloves for waxing?

    Always yes
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    Makeup trials-is it just me?

    This is why I always charge more for the trial than the day itself. It's where all the hard work happens.
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    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    It's a powder. It's lovely.
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    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    The balm's Mary loumaniser is beautiful and quite intense. I would go with the Anastasia kit if you can find it. It's been sold out for ages on cult beauty and Sephora.
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    Dating sites?

    There's a LOT of douchebags out there but occasionally you find a good one [emoji3]
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    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    Less is more when it comes to dry skin (I have reeeeeallly dry skin). Lighter coverage, less buffing (I use my fingers and a beauty blender) and making sure the skin is well prepped. Exfoliated and moisturised.
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    Ladies I've discovered these. You need them, they work! You can get a box of 200 for £20 on Amazon.
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    Intimate waxing training

    Kim lawless [emoji3]
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    I don't understand the speed thing either. My OH will literally fall asleep in under a second. Prodding him awake is no good, as he falls back to sleep... in under a second. Also it makes no difference if he sleeps on his back, side, front, head.... he still sounds like a freakin freight train...
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    Does anyone else live with a snorer? I love my fiancé but he snores so loud he could wake the dead. I wear earplugs but all they do is irritate my ears. Spend a lot of nights in the spare room! Anyone wanna commiserate with me?
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    Eyebrow powder

    I would think all of those brands make a brow powder! I like the billion dollar brows ones too.
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    Ah yes I keep meaning to buy one of his books! His recipes look great!
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    Recommendations for makeup ring light please

    I'm gonna follow this because I was looking at the Diva Super Nova ring light but they don't have a uk seller for it and it's quite pricey to get it shipped to the UK. I've seen a bunch of them on amazon and none of them have all excellent reviews. I'd love to hear if anyone has one that they...
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    For cookbooks, pretty much anything by Isa Chandra Moskowitz or Terry Hope Romero are winners in my book, especially vegan cupcakes take over the world; which has fooled so many non vegans and impressed the pants off them at the same time with how awesome vegan cake is! Vegan Richa is a...
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    I've been vegan around 8 years. Best thing I ever did! I write a vegan food/beauty blog. I found blogs super helpful when I first made the change! Congrats on making a brilliant, compassionate choice [emoji3][emoji3] My blog if you wanna have a read.