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  • Thank you for your reply to my post yesterday about children's pamper parties. I'm going to look in to this insurance as you advised. If its ok, then I might inbox you to pick your brains if that's ok xxx
    hey had commented on your xen tan post last week, forgot to say have a look at my b4 and after pics a paley can go dark with Xen Tan, you just need to tan twice either a few hours apart or have a shower and get tanned the next day :D I'm going to get some booster drops soon so will post pics once I have hth xx
    i just wanted to say thanks for the rep points hun.i really appreciate the nice to know im not on my own.xx
    woo...sallys here is a trade store and opened last november..going to open another store here soon as taking over jack kay!!
    do you enjoy working for sally? im part time 16 hours.
    3 other girls work there full time

    speak soon kathy
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