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    Horrible acrylic brushes

    I found and bought 3 brushes, they work they way they suppose so far. they hold up when I do a set without fighting with the brush. but the price was like 30.00 for a size 18. Yes, I clean with both monomer and acetone. No problems. but I am having to guess which brush to trust to buy...
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    Horrible acrylic brushes

    I found out that one honest supplier said kolinsky is very expensive and people are saying kolinsky germany selling them when they are not
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    Horrible acrylic brushes

    Ok, Ive been in this business 30 years. and I NEVER EVER had a problem with my brushes using acetone to clean, it would last about couple years. now. the brushes that claim to be kolinsky germany, clump up, don't clean, very sticky. My supplier said he cannot even get the brushes I buy...
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    Horrible acrylic brushes

    What is going on. I heard other complaints regarding this as well. I been in this business for a lot of years and always could clean my acrylic Kolinsky Germany brushes in acetone. Not anymore. they are sticky, glumpy, I can't use the monomer either. My brushes don't even last after doing five...
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    Manicure table image

    I am trying very hard to find this type of Manicure table. This was made back in the 1980's. I tried to buy this one, but the agreement was made and she sold it to someone else regardless. I can't find a place or even look up...