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    What do you turnover a week as a sole trader?

    I know where you're coming from but I own a salon and have employees' but i'm also classed as a 'sole trader'. Perhaps the poll would of been clearer had it said,'per stylist/therapist.'
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    How do you cope?

    Surely unauthorised absence= no pay... I really feel for you.. I've had a few problems but on the whole nothing on the scale that you've got. From an employers point of view,if you let them get away with it they'll not stop+then what will it be next time? There is going to have to be some sort...
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    How do you cope?

    I totally agree with this.. I also have 7 staff + one minute they want you to act as their friend, the next their boss!!! It's a nightmare!!.. I now have a manageress to run my salon (she does an excellent job) and I run my online business. They would DEFINATELY be going on holiday with a...
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    Groupon, have you tried it, what are your thoughts & opinions please?

    Groupon were really good with me, although our adverts haven't gone live yet. They told me to up the prices on my website+to work out how many treatments we could comfortably do over the advert period. We offer loads of different services so we're hoping people will book in for them whilst...
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    Leaflets -a waste of time?

    I've tried leaflets with little response+massive costs. I'm trying Groupon next week although I'm a bit nervous about doing a service for virtually nothing!! However it is targeting NEW customers so fingers+ toes all crossed!!!!
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    Lash Extension Glue?

    We use A H Francis glue, it's amazing+ even our party lashes stay on for weeks.... It's about £60 a bottle but they had it on offer for 2 for 1 Hth x
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    Fake bake have delivered!

    Congrats!!! Only another 4 weeks 5 days for mine then!!! Haha
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    Glue in extensions being banned?

    I totally agree.. Racoon are fab although the training was expensive. I've heard fab reviews in great lengths too but just being in a small village I only offer Racoon. I do get sick of people saying,"such+such is doing extensions for £100" what I tell them is,"the proof is in the pudding!"...
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    Nasty tricks

    Haha.. Me too!!! Great minds think alike!!!
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    Smile Line cutter!

    No idea, unless the use a konad stamper to do the smile lines.. Next time you go have a look for the name+ make sure you tell us!!!!
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    Getting wax off carpet!

    I'm going to try that one tomorrow.. Sick of sticking to the carpet in our beauty room!!! Lol
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    Accountant Recommendations?

    Where are you based? My accountant is excellent but we are in co.Durham. Make sure you get a GOOD one.. I had a bad one previously+ I nearly ended up having to close my business!!
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    Business link

    Has any of you geeks been on a business link course? I went on 1 yesterday called search engine optimisation+it was AMAZING.. The best thing.. It was FREE! It was a but daunting walking into a room full of suited+booted with me in my leggings!! But I sharp got over that by imagining them all...
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    Nurse prescriber/injector

    Hmm.. Good post! I'm looking for 1 too!!
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    Fish pedicure in Salon..

    We are in wingate.. Where are you? We got our system from someone called Dawn... We've had loads of problems though so I wouldn't use her if I were you.. Pm me if you need more details x