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  • Thanks hun, I did think it was kind of strange that you guys was chatting then silence! I should have known something was up...and checked before posting in the groups..Im sorry...But yes if you do manage to find the recording lol..I would love to hear it..thanks again :)
    Sorry to hear that! It does sound like you had some technical troubles. There should have been sound, as Rise' was talking and presenting each slide. We were also taking some great questions from the group. Bummer that you didn't hear it! Technology is great, but can be a little fickle sometimes, right? We are now having trouble with our recording (eek!) If we can retrieve it, you can listen to what you missed and skip through the slides at your own pace. I'll be sending out e-mails, etc. when I know if it is available. Probably sometime mid to late next week.
    Hi Salpep - I believe you were the one webinar participant that wasn't happy with the experience. You mentioned that no one was talking. I think you were having a technical issue, because we were talking the entire time and answering questions. Were you able to see the slides change? Maybe there was an issue with your volume?

    Not sure, but I am sorry it wasn't a good experience for you. Most people loved it, which makes me think something was going wrong on your end. I hope you'll try it again for a future webinar!
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