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  • Hiya babes things are going much better now, Hows things with you have they sorted anything yet ?? xxxxxxxx
    Hello you, things are good ty, how's tricks with you? I thought I'd added you on facebook but wasnt sure lol xx
    Just lovin your duran duran avatar...ooh that was when men could wear make up and get away with it...lol x
    hi ya hun , am ok settling in to canada , just wish hubby could get a job !!!! but we will be ok lol (fingers crossed )
    hope you are feeling ok xxxx
    Well glad to know you are better Sals :hug:
    I had a rough year last year and didn't come back until a couple of months ago myself..anyway I got over my hair problem ( I was totally bald ) and am back fine and dandy too :lol:
    It's hard to keep away from geek for some reason :lol:
    Glad you are well again xxxxx.
    Just wanted to pop by and say hello....I 'saw' you on my blog and wondered where you have been! I hope you are okay....I was only thinking t'other day you haven't been here much. :hug: xxxx
    Thank you Sals, I''ll eed all the luck I can get at Saturday! :) Hug C.
    Thanks Sals, I appreciate the stern talking to, just what I needed!!!! xxxx
    You're welcome, I've still got my fingers crossed but not so tightly now, lol!!! xxxx
    I was surprised to see you weren't already on my friends list! Thanks for the invite xx
    Lol Thanks for commenting on my sweety nails :hug:
    Where abouts in Surrey are you?
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