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  • Hi Hun,
    Just been reading a thread you answered to, teaching & NVQ. I didn't know that it was possible to get NVQ qualification by assement only. I have done all my training with NSI.
    Please can you tell me anything about how to get those assesments? As I am also trying to find out what teaching qualifications I would need to teach in a college too.
    I would be really interested in anything you can tell me.
    Thanks in advance.
    Love Angela x
    Hey , congrats on ur placing, these were my favourites, i loved em !! soo different and definatly had the wow factor, well done !! haze x
    Hi, yay another Bedfordshire geek. im in Haynes nr Shefford just down the road from Ampthill. Do you work from home?
    Weird isn't it ? If you look on my wall, Suze is from Shefford, which isn't far from us at all....I'm Sandy !
    Oh I know where you mean! How long have u been doing nails? Do you work in a salon?
    Hey SammiG - just as an FYI - CND in the USA don't sell to anyone other than authorised distributors be it US or International. We have territories that we can sell into, the UK... that's England, Scotland, Wales and NI. When people buy from the US... the people they are buying from are sending it into the UK illegally as they are already aware that they shouldn't. CND in the US recently fired 3 people who they found out were directly responsible fro helping diversion. Just thought you would find this info interesting as I just ready the Nailzoo thread :hug:.
    How do I upload? If any of you can let me know an email address, I can email you pics if I can't upload them here x
    Hi, Only just found the visitor messages section! I'll see if I can upload a couple xx
    do you have any more pics of you nails that you have done, would love to see them....... its nice to see different takes on things sometimes!!
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