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    Is she too heavy?

    Yes have her sat on a chair, I’ve had a client breaking my bed, it didn’t fall, but it cracked and I couldn’t use anymore due to the squeaky noises, I don’t think she was the max weight but it can happen when they sit on x
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    Meeting boyfriend's parents?

    A bottle of wine or some flowers, just like you would when you’re invited to friends and family :) Good luck [emoji1374]
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    Please help, client has greenies

    Help her with advice but don’t take the blame when you didn’t even remove them yourself professionally. She injured her nail bed, hence the look of it and bacteria getting into it x
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    Renting spaces in a salon

    Yes you should, get them and you busy so the rent keeps coming in, you’re a team, even if they are self employed :)
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    Is this reasonable for an employee?

    A bit silly to not provide tweezers but each to their own, a bit of a pain if you forget them at home. You’ll just need to leave it there in your own little space and ask the others not to touch
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    Waxing-is this burnt?

    That has happened to me before, it’s not a burn, it’s stripped skin, with mine it was because the strip was full of wax and I kept using, done it to myself, lesson learnt but it didn’t hurt. Hope you’re ok
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    Rant alert-insensitive clients

    I had exactly the same thing, so I decided to post on my Facebook business Page this, worked a treat: No Children and Babies Policy Whilst I love babies and children, I have been lead to this decision after a few incidents, health and safety reason and due to the nature of my business, I...
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    Most profitable treatments

    Waxing is my most profitable treatment, nails are my “waste of time” treatment
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    App accounts for therapists

    Hi Everyone Now the year has started, i'm looking for an easy add to just add my earnings and expenses so i can keep adding and have a total at the end of each month/year I find it extremely hard to deal with anything i have used, i just need something very simple so i keep track or expenses...
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    New Duchess Wax

    Do they have a website you can order from? Would like to try it Thank you
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    Mobile therapist accounts

    It's hard to get everything together but if just the tax and the bank statement then that's easier, thank you for replying x
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    Mobile therapist accounts

    Hi everyone, I'm a mobile therapist and all is going well, but my accounts are so hard to do, I want to do it myself, so I add how much each client paid me to each appointment, but I was wondering if there's an easier way to do it, something like a software or an app for my iPad/iPhone? I can do...
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    Need a name for our kitten!

    I don't like kitler, think he deserves much better poor thing, I had the same problem with my kitten, she's months and I call her binky, she is a tortoise shell cross with a ginger, so a bit confusing mixture lol x
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    Hi everyone I'm new to semi permanent mascara, I'm using myscara but i find it too watery and doesn't make much difference once applied, so I was wondering if anyone has tried to add a bit more fibres to it, and which did you use? Also where can I buy the crybaby semi permanent kit? Thank you
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    Diamond Microdermabrasion machine

    Thank you, I could use both, but I would like the diamond, will have a look at the website, it's all so new that I didn't know where to start looking. Thank you