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  • Try rubbing the surface of the stamp lightly with a fine grit abrasive then cleaning with acetone free polish remover. That should make sure the surface is nice and clean. Rub the disc with polish remover too so that's nice and clean. When you put the special polish on the disc put a good amount on, just dab it on rather than 'painting' or 'rubbing'. When scraping have the side of the scraper with the konad name facing you and starting on the side away from you scrape firmly towards you. Pick up the design with a light touch by slightly rolling the stamp across the surface rather than pressing. Use the same action of slighly rolling when transfering to the nail surface.

    Let me know how you get on.
    Hey babe so glad you had a fab time.

    The one to one is a sure fire way to sort any probs you have. It was very nice to meet you at HQ i dont get much chance to get down there but enjoy every min when I do.,

    It is always good to meet ne people
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