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    Best place to buy empty sample pots?

    I am looking to purchase empty sample pots so I can decant products in for clients to try before they buy as not all my suppliers provide samples. Do any of you do this? If so where have you found to be the best place at competitive pricing? Many thanks in advance.
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    I use Monu as my second skincare range. I can confirm that they did indeed scrap the party plans as us professionals were not at all happy (I felt it took away the professional side). There are several facials that Monu offer from Aromatic to a Re-surface & Peel. All very nice ttreatments. I...
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    Tooth whitening

    I would completely agree with you Lynne. I also think it is wrong for them to exhibit at a professional beauty show when beauty therapist are not allowed to legally offer the service. I also disagree with MLM companies being at a show for professional therapist but thats another can of worms to...
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    5 day beauty therapy course!

    Unfortunately this seems to be happening more widespread nowdays. Students finish their training with incomplete skills which is unfair on the student, any future employer and also potential clients.
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    Environ training

    You will love the training. There is a lot to learn but it is one of the best courses I have attended. Do you know who is your tutor? I had Katherine. She was excellent & so very helpful. I stayed in Holiday Inn Express but it was too far from the training venue & I spent loads on taxis Some of...
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    Is it OK to steam with a glycolic peel?

    I would not steam either as the skin will be more sensitive to heat. This should have been explained in your peel training.. x
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    Are you ready?

    I trained many years ago & worked in a salon whilst training at a beauty school. My boss put me in at the deep end as soon as I had completed each training section. Fast forward a few years & I had my own salon employing two therapists. Their college training left a lot to be desired so I...
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    I have been reading through some old threads & found this one. I would be interested to find out from those of you that have sunbeds in a salon whether you have just a sunbed salon only or whether you have hair or beauty. too. I know many years ago sunbeds were very popular & were everywhere in...
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    Waxing tips

    I forgot to add that if the client has used a body lotion before coming for wax it will act as a barrier so wax may not be removed well. Remind clients not to used body lotion/oil on day of wax. ☺
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    Waxing tips

    Reasons why wax may be left after strip has been removed is that the clients skin may be cold (winter months), the wax may be too thick, if you use the strip several times it may be too overloaded. Use a fresh strip to removed left over wax. Use pre oil but remember to use sparingly & blot with...
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    Makeup courses Leeds

    I am sure IIAA do a Jane Iredale make-up course in Leeds. x
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    Environ Radius

    London & Leeds are the two training venues I know of. x
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    Upper lip wax-client called to say is scabbed

    O dear. It certainly sounds like she may have done this before & may be looking for free services. Don't take it to heart. We have all been there in one way or another, call it a learning curve & hope you never see her again x
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    Upper lip wax-client called to say is scabbed

    Do you know what her skincare routine is & what she did over the weekend? Our skin does change slightly during the cold winter months so may be slightly more sensitive & drier. It may also be worth considering changing to a non-strip wax & using a tiny amount of aftercare oil (blot after...
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    Professional Beauty Show

    Did you get the confirmation via email? I have printed off our badges from the confirmation email. x