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    What can you use to maintain/care for a spray tan?

    Hi HMC, Oils will strip a Spray Tan and yes, oil free moisturisers will help to prolong the tan. If there are any streaks, yes they can jump back in the shower to make sure the guide colour is all washed off and the water runs clear. No scrubbing though as that will probably exfoliate any...
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    Darkest tan?

    Nouvatan have Olive Based Dark and also 16% & 20% (Express Tans)
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    Advice on Bondi Sands spray tan

    Have you tried Nouvatan? We are a British brand and will always remain Salon Exclusive and will never be on the High Street shelves! Totally agree with House Beauty's comment!
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    Sienna X or La Tanning?

    Hi LibbyJae! I'm obviously going to suggest you contact us at Nouvatan for training etc ;) but I will advise that whoever you decide to train with and use their Brand, just be mindful if they sell their self tan products in High Street shops, you will struggle to compete with Buy one get one...
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    High end solutions?

    Nouvatan are a UK manufactured product so running out of solution is never an issue! We don't sell to any wholesalers and will never be found on the High Street where you clients can get their retail products cheaper! Original solutions range from 6% to 20% (Rapid) and available in 250ml, 500ml...
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    Tanning solution help

    Nouvatan are a UK manufactured product so running out of solution is never an issue! Original solutions range from 6% to 20% (Rapid) and available in 250ml, 500ml and litres Olive based solutions are in Litres only in Light 8%, Medium (12%) & Dark (20%)
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    Extractor fan

    I'd certainly adjust it and test with water, not your solution just to make sure. You should be getting a fine mist through the gun, and be using around 35-50ml of solution per tan.
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    Extractor fan

    Hi Sarah, If you are in a poorly ventilated room then it is worth the purchase. You shouldn't really get much overspray if your gun is set correctly. What machine do you have? Sarah
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    Best spray tan for brides?

    Nouvatan have a clear 8% solution which is perfect for Brides and Bridal parties along with our 6% which is also very popular.
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    Xen Tan alternative, help

    Nouvatan solutions are made in Britain and we never have an issue of stock. We offer next working day delivery and have a range of 7 different shades and all of Nouvatan solutions can be mixed to make different shades so you don't need to hold all in stock if you prefer! They all have the...
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    Nouvatan-No response

    Morning Ashley, Sorry to hear you have not received your samples, are you back in the UK yet?
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    Nouvatan-No response

    Morning HollysRose, I need your email address, I still haven't received anything from you. Would you mind sending an email or give me a call on 0333 456 4678. We do take this seriously and I would like to try and get to the bottom of it!
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    Nouvatan training

    No probs! I have Liverpool on 7th September or our trainer in Bury (about 50 mins from you) is very flexible and could train you sooner than Sept. If you want to email me, x
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    Nouvatan training

    Hey, We have a few venues that may suit you :) What's the start of your postcode and I can find your closest one? Sarah
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    Nouvatan-No response

    Hi Holly, I'm not sure what number you were dialling but we wouldn't have hung up on you :( ? Would you mind forwarding me your original 3 emails about samples so I can search the system for you. You can reach me on 0333 456 4678 too :) Sarah x