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  • Hi Sarah! You can layer and stripe and create any color combos you like! There are no rules :) For that SPECIFIC look, yes you do need Black Pool or Rock Royalty as your base layer, and the blue and green you get from Negligee and Iced Coral are a main part of that particular nail style. A tip from me? Use colors with SHIMMER for that type of layering- cream color can look streaky and miss the effect you are after :) Now go PLAY! :)
    hi Sarah, thanks for adding me on NyahzNailz...the glitter is Diamond Sparkles Ultra Fine Holographic Jewels from classycraft xxxx
    Hey hun, So ive purchased my fakebake gun!! I was just wondering if you could help me! I cant seem to get it onto the right setting to have a fine mist, Ive been ajusting the dial thing on the back for ages and its always spraying out too wet and sometimes dotty? Could you please help me on how i could get it onto the best setting? Thankyou xxxx
    Thanks so much thats great to hear! Well cant wait for my next pay day first on the list is the new machine haha!! Thanks so much for the help and advice xxx
    hey hun you commented on my post yesterday about the fake bake spray tan gun, I was just wondering if you know how many tans you could do in a row at like a spray tan party or something as for example the ts10 hvlp apparantly will only do 1 to 2 tans a day so im obviously looking for something to do alot more tans than that!! Thanks alot & love your nail work :) xxx
    Thankyou :) I did 2 more sets after that one and they are where they should be :) Yeh I am getting my bf to pop them on today with the 2 new pics :) you fb page looks good too :) xx
    Ahhh I see :) it helps to increas the number of likes on the page then! It's in my album here. Can you not see any pics on here? There us only 4 lol. I haven't put any on my site yet because I think having a few on there will look silly so waiting for a few to build up, which they are slowly lol :) xx
    It should be there, i just had a look and saw it...strange! how much product do you have on the brush when capping? its very little isnt it? guess i just need to practice capping it!

    Thank you, thats so kind. Its still in its early stages, as is my site but you have to start somewhere and I love my site at the moment - and eve more so cuz it was free hehehe.

    I thought i had linked my fb page to this? or do you mean there is a thread that is called 'whats your facebook? i am easily confused lol! xx
    I saw a thread on here not so long ago where some one put pink leopard minx on her hubbys toes. He was a squaddy i think and he had them on for quite a while! oh bless him. they do do a lot for us really dont they. i dont think mine would walk round with pink finger nails though! haha

    Well i did my first shellac on myfingers last night. not too bad! i knew it shrank so i was being careful but know the next lot will be better. I can paint, but my end capping isnt brillient! i have bits of red baronness under my nails i keep messing with! naughty i know! I will put the pic in my album, let me know what you think! i hope they last well...being the first ever go we will see lol! xx
    I have no idea. to be honest the staff at the Redditch shop didnt really seem to care about much! Well, not really, it was just thick in places and he only got 1 little bit on his skin so it wasnt too bad really considering hes a man lol. Then I did another of his fingers and then I said to him that it couldnt be removed lol! xx
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