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  • Hello that's ok no worries.ohh no what a bummer poor rocky.I think the lady was a tad mean.

    My next door neighbour used to have a parrot and it would mimic the telephone car
    alarms the dogs and her voice it was exactly the same as her voice you wouldnt be able to tell the difference.one night I came home around 9 and I could hear her doing rudeies with her other half lol so the next day we were chatting and she said I'm so sorry about last night and I said that's ok it's a natural thing lol and she said no it wasn't me it was the parrot mimicking me lol well I was wetting myself and all that fay the parrot was doing it lol she was very embarrassed lol. Xx
    Aww, thank you Sarah. Kellen is a great kid...my only child. I'd be proud even if he wasn't a cutie. :wink2:
    Hello how are you.Ahh thank you he is pretty adorable lol I'll have to put some more pics of him up.is that your doggy in your avatar very sweet I love pooches xx
    Hi Sarah, I am loving your black and white nails on the picture could you tell me how you did them pls??? They are fabulous!!! x
    hi thanks for the request! Its fine my fault just didnt think about what I was writing at the time and it wasnt meant in that context :( I have also amended my original post as well :)
    Thanks for the comment in the Shellac video topic, much appreciated. Nice to meet you anyway :hug:
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