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  • Hello, I was just looking at your nail station pix and wondered where you got your wall mount for your digital photo frame - I want one, brilliant idea! x
    Hi Sarah I was just reading the hd brow thread and seen your photo - they look great! I was just curious how you managed to get the arch on the after, as I have almost the same shaped eyebrows as the before and would love to get the more definates arch? :)
    Hi Sarah, I was told by someone about her fb page and to check it out as she thought she was using other peoples photos. But apparently I am not to warn others about it and I am obviously not allowed to be upset by someone using my own photo as I have no proof it was mine and it was before I worked out how to watermark. lol :) By god, can we have no say on here anymore lol xx
    Hi Sarah, I was just reading a thread on eyebrow tint/shaping and saw you have done the WOW brows. Can I ask how you found it? Thanks xx
    Hi sahra i live up her in castlerock i need some advice i want to teach in FE college i have been self-employed foe 8years qualifiel in reflexology, indian head, anatomy&physiology, instructor in baby massage. enrolment for hnc this tue 22/05/2012. or should i be looking at Hnd i really want to teach now. thanks or maybe you can pass me on to someone. HNC is in foyle derry.
    Hi Sarah, I booked the Wow brows course for myself and my sister, so ill see u there... Leonie x
    Hi Sarah I'm from Spa - small world! I'm mobile doing bio sculpture nails and about to do myscara training!
    Thanks everyone!! Appreciate it :) I'm from Ballynahinch MaryB, but I work in Moneyreagh. How are you getting on? xx
    Hi i thought it would be rude of me if I just stopped by your page for a nosey without saying hello. Where abouts in Northern Ireland are you? I'm from Ballymoney and have a beauty room in a hairdressers, your pictures look lovely x
    Hello!! Awww thank you very much :)

    No, I bought one in a shop a few years ago, and recently I re-decorated my wee beauty rooms and wanted another. If you do a google search for "East of India" it should bring up some suppliers. I just picked one and typed in "hearts" and scrolled through all the photo's until I eventually found it!! Sorry I can't be more specific xx
    Hi hun..
    All pics of the salon look lovely.. do you mind me asking who did those heart signs or did you do them yourself? x
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