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  • Hey!!! How are you??? Didn't get chance to see you at the end of the Event. How is shellac going for you? We just love it and so do our clients. X
    Hiya Sarah, yes I was there, there were so many people that I didn't get to catch up with half of the ones I had intended to, just not enough time, did you have a good tim? I absolutely loved it and will be at the next one.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my pictures Sarah, Those were one of my favourite sets xxx
    Lol .... I like them both .... would find it hard to choose between them, the gold one will definitely be very glitzy glam and would certainly show every lump & bump on my body, but the black one is so elegant and looks more comfortable especially if we are eating.
    I would have liked to wear a full length but I am such a short ass, if your on the tall side then go for long, so elegant, did you mention Ricky Martin "Swooon".
    Lol .......... Got a dress its one I already have but never worn (Wardrobe is full of them).Its bronze/gold a slim fit (well as slim as I can get) strappy & bronze peep toe ankle strap heels, need a clutch bag to match now. 8 more sleeps lol. x
    Erm No ... lol read my blog "I looked a twot!" honestly it arrived and was not as nice as the picture colour was washed out far too short (for me), so I sent it back and I am wearing a Bronze coloured dress which is really nice, not long now getting excited now. xx
    You will love the spray tanning, such a quick treatment as well. I am a new trainer for Nouvatan and love it :) xx

    Good luck with it xxx
    I'm in West Lothian in Scotland - just outside Edinburgh. Where are you?
    Did my lash training in Glasgow with Glam Lash, been doing them for almost 3 months now - seems like much longer lol xx
    Hee hee, just got your message, you have been posting on your own wall lol - we have all done it :wink2: keep the pics coming, they are lovely xx
    Thanks Hunny!! loads more to come just waiting to get images from my agent. Been doing shoots for about 6 months and love it!!
    Hi, just wanted to welcome you to the site, will be nice to meet you at the Event II. xx
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