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  • Hi,
    May I ask if you are using all the shellac system? ie, cnd lamp, scrubfresh, dsperse etc etc without boring you? its a complete system that if I can wear (after 40 yrs of horrible bitten weak nails - my nails now look fabulous thanks to this wonder stuff) and I also offer this service and I have no training in nails at all. My handful of ladies wear it for 2/3 weeks - can talk you through how I apply if you need it.....however can I be really cheeky? IF you do decide to sell up, can you let me know. My neighbour who is a beautican starting up from home wants the shellac/cnd system she needs everything, she is borrowing mine at present just to get her into it and a few clients. my email is fabtans@gmail.co.uk but sorry to ask if you are not going to give up. Wish you all the best though. Im planning to do the natural nails cnd course end of yr and then a shellac one, but just picked up how to do it on here and u tube/cnd website too. Lyn x
    Hi Sarah, most of the orly ones are girlie pinks in all different shades and some with shimmers
    Today 12:34 AM - permalink

    Hi everyone. I need your expert advice on minx nails.
    How much does it cost to set up?. Where do you get it from. I see you can purchase it on ebay but would prefer to go direct to a supplier. Do you need to train in it before practising?.
    Many thanks
    Dany x
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