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  • hi hun fancy joining our geek meet on 12 oct at Bluewater for lunch. check all the messages on my profile page and see whos coming etc I update nearer the time with final plan. Debx
    Hello Sarah, thank you for your congratulations. What a relief! The nerves certainly did not help. Sculptures are just brilliant aren't they - I still can not believe how natural they look. Were you one of the girls that knew the other girl from Kent who passed with flying colours?
    I finally spray tanned a client Wednesday with 8% wish I had 10% tho. Went well and quick and I enjoyed it. Have a few more booked in. How are you doing?
    Oh how frustrating. My small parcel arrived before I left to do the school run, but I have not had time to open it yet. Have you no neighbours to take yours in for you?
    Thanks Sarah, I was home all day today, I am out all day tomorrow! I hope my neighbour is in tomorrow to take it in. I hope it comes early for you so you get all day to spray!
    Yes i would like to be darker only slightly tho. I am still waiting for the kit its now gone 4pm ...Doh! wanted to play today.
    My diabetic neighbour was sprayed by local salon and was never asked any questions not even for telephone no! how bad is that!
    Hi Sarah, might be quick but I can't believe I remembered your geek name lol. I have such a headache too. Made it home in 40mins.
    Hi Sarah


    Tell him Julie Pridmore recommended you. You will need to have a rough design of what you want on your screens. I had nail polish, tantrick lady and a foot spa thingy (which i photographed myself)

    You can choose the wording and typeface you want. I only had my home number put on, which was lucky because 2 months later my mobile phone was stolen!

    Try a search for tsl products and see if the site comes up. If not, pm me again and I'll find it for you.

    good luck

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