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  • hi there can anyone do micro ring extensions for £100-£150 and come to my house tomorrow in sheffield, i require fitting and the hair itself ......please , Thanks Jes
    hi there i was wondering what the weft quality was like with lush us as i fancied giving them a try...im a celebrity elite user and they have little to no shedding but the prices are v tempting...or have you only used the pre bonds?
    Hi Georgie Babe
    Thanks for your comments.
    I am a qualified hairdresser so it's a difficult one for me to comment on to be honest.
    I trained with KM originally and then trained with Lush Us, the latter being my favourite.
    As far as being a hairdresser before learning extensions, it is a difficult one. You get qualified hairdressers who then train in extensions and are useles at them, but you also get non hairdressers who are really good at extensions. I personally think it depends on the individual. If it is a non hairdresser looking to make money, then it is a really bad idea. You don't really start learning until after your extension training, and you can spend literally thousands of pounds researching the best quality hair etc, and spends months of your time looking in to different methods, pros and cons etc etc.
    The things you have to be, regardless of whether you are a hairdresser or not, are; a perfectionist, incredibly careful, willing to learn continuously, willing to put a lot of money up front to get the right hair etc, and a very hard worker.
    You can make decemnt money fitting hair extensions but it is a lot of work and a lot of research at the beginning.
    Hope this helps.
    Hi Sarah Janet. Do you do tape extensions other something for very fine thin hair. Thanks x
    Hi Sarah Jane
    Your hair extensions look fab. Who did you train with & are you a qualified hair dresser?
    I posted on the site about doing extensions but ppl seem to suggest you need to be a qualified hair dresser although my own hair dresser said you don't . CONFUSED!
    Any advice or comments would be appreciated
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