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    Cheap waxing spatulas if anyone is interested

    Hi all I found some cheap waxing spatulas on eBay over the weekend and ordered 5000. I received them today and they are just as good as any from a wholesaler. The link is below. You can get 5000 or 50,000...
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    Wax training

    You would still be fine with Kim as a fact she prefers beginners as she says it's easier if someone hasn't learned any bad habits! I can't comment on Lycon as I've not trained with them or used their products but I can highly recommend Kim. x
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    Card payment terminals

    I use iZettle and love it x
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    Best wax training & wax products to use (vegan)

    I did Kim's course back in 2015 and loved it. As far as products go I use outback organics. Their true blue and eucalyptus strip waxes are vegan and so is their opal hot wax. All of their before and after products are vegan too. Outback also do their own waxing courses and there is also axiom...
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    Lacking waxing confidence

    Please don't forget that quality is better than quantity. One or two fantastic days of training is better than 6 months of poor training x
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    Lacking waxing confidence

    Hi. I know this would cost more money but it might help you to do another course elsewhere. If you went to someone like Kim Lawless I can pretty much guarantee you would feel confident when you left. It is still only a day course for general and one day for intimate but her courses are very...
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    Hot wax gluing to skin

    The warmer weather can play havoc with the wax can't it! I find the best thing to do is to have a bowl of cold water in the room. Dip a cotton wool pad in the water and squeeze out the excess then wipe the pad over the wax to help it set. Another option is to put talc over the wax but that can...
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    Wax training

    Oh and the speed waxing covered legs, underarms, basic bikini, brows, top lip, nostrils. And the same technique can be applied to other areas such as arms or backs. If you train with Kim you can do 2 days back to back. The first day is the speed waxing and the second is the intimate waxing. Kim...
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    Wax training

    I would highly recommend Kim Lawless. I did my training with her in speed waxing and intimate waxing and can't fault her at all. Not only does she teach great techniques etc but she also sends you away feeling confident which is really important! I personally would recommend training in intimate...
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    Wax heaters-which one?

    The timer only works with the analogue heater and not the digital x
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    Justwax expert hot wax

    Hi I just wondered if anyone had tried the justwax expert hot wax that Andy from Axiom developed with Salon Services, and if so, how it compares to waxes like PR and outback? Thanks x
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    Can anyone please recommend the best wax for nasal hair removal?

    I use Outback Organics Opal x
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    Wax heaters-which one?

    I have hive digital but in hindsight i would get hive analogue. The only reason I would now go for analogue is that you can put them on a timer to switch them on whereas with the digital you can't. Hope this helps X
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    Brands of hot wax

    I really like outback organics opal. I also like peron rigot euroblonde and crystalline. X
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    Taking payments

    Thank you everyone. This is all really useful info and I will look in to your suggestions :) x