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    Bits in top coat!

    Please help!! Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Somehow I keep getting bits in my top coat. No idea what it is. I’m now on the 3rd bottle. And tonight it just happened again . I’m clearing away all of the dust before I apply gel. Wiping down after too and using prep and wipe with lint free pads...
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    Photographing nails?

    Thank you
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    Photographing nails?

    Hi any tips for taking photos of nails once done? Mine don’t seem To do them justice. Many thanks. X
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    Lincolnshire nail courses

    Hi just starting out. I’m in lincolnshire near Lincoln. Which is the best nail course in this area to learn how to do gel nails as a starting point. Thank you. X
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    Starting out, please advise?

    Hi I am just starting out. I do nails for my friends and family and have been told I should go for further with it, so I’m biting the bullet and going for it. So at the moment I just use blue sky from amazon and also shellac... My questions are:- Which is the best gel to use? What lasts the...