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  • Helo Sarah.. thanks for the friend request and good luck with Katrina,tell her Kirsty Douglas says Helooo!!! and sends love!! xxxx
    ok thanks, do i have to have my car insured for business as well as normally or does it just need to be insured for business? x
    thanks hun! im trying to get going before the xmas rush but not too sure if i have left it a bit too late now lol x
    it great to be doing something you love, yeah thanks hun i will probably need some help i havent got a clue where to start! x
    lucky you! id like to go mobile hopefully i will soon just got to get myself sorted lol are you getting busy now in the run up to xmas? x
    no i havent started it yet, i found an apprenticeship near st austell so im going to apply for that but if i dont get it im back to the drawing board lol how long have you been doing hair and nails? x
    o right thats not far away at all! yea i was at st austell college for a few years did a couple things before beauty though. x
    Hi, Sarah thats really good to hear about your career :) well done,
    I like Loreal or Wella for colouring courses and have been on both,
    I suppose it depends what you are comfortable using , I went to the Andrew Collinge academy in Liverpool for a private advanced Loreal colouring course it was expensive , but well worth it they were fab , really fab , but Wella came into our level three course and they were really fab too , I have always returned to Wella , dont know why and I still use some Loreal products too i find both are is great , salons direct do Wella courses and sally too ,
    but you may have to travel to find a Loreal course unless they are near to you :hug: x minky
    Hi, well that makes me feel a bit better now :hug: as sometimes you worry about upsetting folk and they may take it the wrong way ,
    must admit things can come across different to different people I suppose
    lol x, how are you getting on with your career ?
    Hi, thank Sarahpoppy you I would love to be your friend x
    Iv'e been not been making much sense lately lol x must be the heat :hug: it seems to makes sense to me ... until I read back what I wrote
    oopsy :smack: lol x
    Hi Sarah
    We don't get a notification for reps hun,
    if you go to the home page and look at where it shows your avatar, just above that it says "user cp" click on user cp and scroll to the bottom of the page, this is where you can view your rep that you have received, hth :hug:
    oh jings serriously, think mariah carey having the biggest bitch fit known to man, and quadruple it, that wot my poor kitchen endured . . . yikes i scared even myself, and im not scared of lots lol. .. eek x
    Hi Sarah, I finally found the thread that you mentioned and am not sure what to make about other geeks comments, however, I will say that there is nothing wrong with your reply and the truth is, no one has the right to criticise you. I'm sure your intensions were good and clear when you posted your thread. Take heart, here's sending you a big hug :hug::hug::hug:
    Yes you'll be fine as long as you're prepard 4 hard work, give it a try and see it's all you can do , let me know what town are you in and around?
    Hi ya Sarah hope all is going well with you, which salon are you working in? As long as you keep every day record, balance up every day and log all your outgoings end of week should take you no more than half an hour.just dont let things mount up hon, OK Px
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