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  1. Sarahxxx

    Calgel tips

    Hi, you can use any tips with calgel as long you take the shine off them :) x
  2. Sarahxxx

    What nails are you sporting today?

    That is amazing!!! How did you do it?
  3. Sarahxxx

    Nail Art help - Down Syndrome Week

    They look brilliant, I love the glitter one! It's a really nice thing what your doing as well
  4. Sarahxxx

    Scratch Magazine Shellac

    That sounds lovely, think ill have to try that
  5. Sarahxxx

    Scratch Magazine Shellac

    Thanks for all your posts that's the one! It's a really lovely purple I was thinking it was rock royalty but wasn't sure, was goin to put silver VIP over the top anyway so hopefully with get he same effect Thanx guys
  6. Sarahxxx

    Scratch Magazine Shellac

    Hi could anybody tell me which purple shellac has been used on the cover of November 2012 scratch magazine please, I know it's shellac from the scratch Facebook page but it doesn't say which colour Thanx
  7. Sarahxxx

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Sorry forgot the pic
  8. Sarahxxx

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Clear Calgel with champagne gold glitter mixed in
  9. Sarahxxx

    First set of stilettos!! eek!

    Love em!! They're brilliant x
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    Gold VIP, Silver Chrome, Silver VIP or Zillionaire, advice please

    Iv got zillionaire was quite disappointed really wished I'd got silver VIP, didn't like long thin bits of glitter in zillionaire think VIP looks more classy
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    Birthday presents

    Lol that's brilliant made me laugh sumat I would say
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    Nail Tips application question

    Hiya are you applying to layer of gel to the nail before the tip?
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    The word association game!

  14. Sarahxxx

    The word association game!

  15. Sarahxxx

    who did this nail?

    Pm the person that posted it, I kno I wouldn't mind if it was me x