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  • Thanks! I hope your house is ok after the mob leave lol. Lovely to see you and hope to see you again on the 12th. Deb x
    Hi Sas, I can see from Sues messages you are on the Pamper night lists and doing well, I'm pleased for you. May have one coming up to tell you about in June.
    If we have a local geekmeet would you be interested?
    Let me know, I have asked Cazbar and await reply, Bessie boo and Crystaltippers (Sue) I have yet to ask. Debs X
    Hope you made some good ££££. Keep working at that time, if you need a guinea pig I could do with a nice set, yours always look lovely.
    Hi sas21
    Just wanted to say Hi as saw you at Bishop Ridley on Friday night, but did not get a chance to come over and you'd gone when I looked up at the end. Didn't mean to be rude, should have had my glasses on. Anyway glad to see you getting yourself out there and doing well. Keep it up. C U next time. Sue
    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for doing last night. Hope you did OK. If you do another one charge more. I usually charge at least £6-7. People will pay as the therapists charge min of £5 for 15 mins and usually about £8 for 20 mins and you are still providing a service and using your products. I think everyone went away with lovely nails and you should give yourself a pat on the back for your first one.

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