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  • Hiya, I have a few questions regarding a post you made about Hairport wefts. Here's the link to the post if you need reminding
    Anyway what I wanted to know was how wide is the weft? Also, you said for your client you only needed one weft instead of two so I was wondering how thick or thin was her hair and was the one weft good enough for a full head look? I'm looking to buy a weft and have it put in with micro rings so I just need to be sure before I fork out any money haha! Thanks in advance :)
    Hi Sasha,

    Thanks for the help :) I have given up with hair planet anyway... I have sent an email regarding a sample three times and had no response !! .. I am now making hair rebellion and hairport my suppliers :) x
    can i ask how did you find cold fusion machine, was it from hairport valentine you got it from? some crazy prices out there,
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