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  • You're very welcome Sass - glad it all finally arrived safely! Enjoy the choccies and drop me a line if you need a hand with the wax :) x
    Sounds like a good idea haven't done that in ages. My choice of books are more like murder than funny:lol: Hubby is sure I could pop him off and not get caught :lol:Hope Elizabeth has managed to over come the accident and the insurance has got sorted xxxx
    I'm great and you the system is confusing to me. I should not stay away soo long LOL what happen to the pager?
    I expect Saturday will be no problem ... We are tired but just about to go out with the family (all of them) for a meal and then back to Sam's. Really looking forward to my first day off since we left, tomorrow. I am going to stay in my PJ's all day and drink wine and watch movies and chat all day to Samantha!! THAT is my plan anyway. xx
    it takes a while to fire up the radiators, it will come on don't worry. takes 30 mins or so for the rads to get hot.
    Go into the boiler house .. switch for the light is on the right inside.
    look at the front of the boiler. there is a large grey box. Look at the front of the box. If there is a red light showing, PUSH the red light. It will take 30 seconds or so but the boiler should then light. If the red light comes on again do the same thing again. If it keeps going off, then ring Jo and ask Gonzo to ring Paco (number ion theinside of the boiler housedoor and ask him to come by when you are there. Let me know how you get on.
    Sorry to hear about Elizabeth but glad she is only shocked and not injured. Isn't this the 2nd crash in quite a short period of time?? What bad luck for her. Are you OK? It must be hard not being there when something like this happens.
    Hey, there you are. Well we're here in London. Had a good trip .. until we got to london!! The ferry crossing was quicker than it took us to drive up form dover!!1 Unbelieveable. I was soon reminded of why I hate to drive in the UK!!
    Seeing Ketan tonight for dinner. Meeting up with samantha and the team for London Fasion Week for a drinky first as we are all staying in the same hotel. Demos all day tomorrow at Ketans and then driving up to Yorkshire for a day in the office and some 121 time with a large salon in Leeds. You know the rest but will keep in touch. Glas all is well ... call me if there is anything. Glad you still like the little LOve Shack !!! lol
    Thanks for the offer hun not to keen on veg :lol: I went to a 21st birthday party last night so cheesed off I couldn't even have 1 little drink don't think the meds would have liked it !!!!
    I thought it went quite well. Have sent Stella a written report on what everyone agreed on and the points covered. She will no doubt show it to all of you tomorrow. x
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