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  • Seriously I wouldn't make another big decision so soon after your last !!
    Let the air settle between you and the muppet!!!
    Dunno if I like this visitor message thing....some peeps only reading one side of a conversation...seems fraught with danger and possible inuendo....mmmm
    Hoipe you get everything back on an even keel soon. :hug:
    Not another FOW geek!!.....Sassy your attitude now should be Here I AM World!!!
    I see you like Mary Tyler Moore throwing your hat in the air, about to start afresh!!! (except in your case it would be a sombrero :lol:)
    then smurk back at it hun cos xmas trees are only good for 2 weeks of the year...your a star all year round. xx
    hi sass that is absolutely fine, sorry i probly shudnt of started the thread anyway, i was just abit shocked! totally understand though! xx
    Sass I am so sorry to hear you and Steve have parted ways I really thought you had found a great guy. He will defiantly know he has lost some special lady xxxxx:hug::hug:
    yeah but I've never seen it! Anyway done an ad in the paper Sandi works for - got a great deal so i hope it works. things with me and Steve are probably about to end - no doubt a blog to follow - can't cope with the full-on family thing, not what I came to Spain for, so i need to focus fully back on the business. Hope you're keeping well xxx
    thanks for the info Sass...I can't do gels yet but might be worth asking I guess... will pop in when I go to school...thanks hunnypoo...!!!!
    Hope all is going well for you xxxx
    Hey lady!!! How things going?
    One question...Does the rain in Spain stay mainly on the plain?? :lol: I always wanted to know! :D
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