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  • Hi again, I have the same problem as you, I was working in an English salon and they were all english customers, but the english where I am just don't have the money to spend on their nails. Here it is a prominently Spanish resort and only a summer resort too, so I have to try and look at getting into the Spanish market, if I want to earn some money, but even they don't seem to have much money round here, how is your Spanish ?
    I'm down near Cadiz, in a place called Chiclana de la Frontera, quite a way from you unfortunately. I love it too, although it's difficult for me here a.t.m, I've finished working in the salon I was working in for the past 18months, just wasn't earning enough money, so I am going to try and do a little salon in my house or go mobile, I have been in the u.k. for 5 weeks, my mum took seriously ill with cancer, so the salon had to get someone else in as they didn't know how long I would be away, so only a few customers will stay with me, so I have to start all over again really. I have a 4 year old in Spanish school, but I also split from my partner in November,so life is tough a.t.m, and don't know if I can really afford to stay here, but I am going to pull out all the stops to see if I can over the next couple of months. Sorry to sound so depressing, you only asked which part of Spain I live in.
    Hi there,
    I am looking at doing a gel course a.s.a.p, I live in Spain like you but only do manicures and pedicures a.t.m, and have never got off the ground since doing my foundation L&P last year, and it seems to me that the Spanish actually have more awareness about gel. Can you just tell me if you have any problems using Brisa in the heat of summer ? Also, is there any occasion that Brisa will not be good for a client, I see you still use LCN too ? Thanks in advance, how are you finding life in Spain ?
    happy new year mate good to see ya back (with a vengance!! lmao) amb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    OMg WTF is going on, am I on the right site? what's all this notifications milarcky?
    Happy New Year everyone!
    :hug: :hug: :hug: HAPPY NEW YEAR :green: MWAH XXX

    hope 2008 brings the happiness you deserve xxxx
    happy new year hun and thanks waht you wrote in my blog around the 12th dec!!!! xx
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