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    We are out after 1pm and before that we are cleaning the BBQ beofre Andy and Naomis visit on Sundy.
    It will have to be tomorrow evening. Bring the nail trainer and a brish if you haveone if not I do. About 7.00?
    :o ..........and phew!!!
    I thought you must have a portrait up in the attic a la Dorian Gray lol!!!!
    I will not get my Misses and Minis mixed up again!!!:smack:
    I still stand by my cheers and best wishes though :lol:
    Seriously Sass.......Sassy girl 27 Today!!!
    Good grief....what is your secret ? How could you possibly have a daughter of that age??
    Going by that profile pic it must be in the genes!!!

    Cheers and best wishes to you all xxizzixx
    hmmm... I'm thinking to let him contact you, he might be feeling very raw and need time to lick his wounds before contacting you... at the very most send him a text to say that you hope all went well today and that you were thinking of him xxx
    the last 2 weeks of the month are easier for me than the first 2 weeks, that's due to work, however, if I have enough advance warning then I will book the day off, Sophie wont' be in school in July so school won't be a problem xxx
    VERY cool, you lucky bunny! You'll be smooth as a baby's proverbial and will pick up lots of fab tips along the way, too. You'll never be afraid to pick up that spatula again, that's for sure! :D
    I've got no idea whose hand that is LMAO

    I reckon you're right re it being a hard day for them, she sounds like a real nightmare, he'll ring or text you, I'm sure of it xxx
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