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  • Thanks for the comment hun I am seriously thinking about taking Bikinis off my service menu its scares me that much!
    The girls are still not talking to me it was horrid last night I even went off to bed at about 8.30pm I was so upset.
    Yeh doing good, busy trying to sell the house and catching up on work after two weeks off with chicken pox. Never had it until now. Wouldn't wish it on anyone! Better now though, still trying to get through that MASSIVE poppits thread!!!
    Not tried them yet, but got some anyway. LOL . Hope you're well. xx
    oh god how annoying is that below lol.

    thanks for my rep. Youve boosted me up to 7 blue boxes now. wooo. lol.

    I am currently working on a BBC 3 series about when beauty goes wrong. Its part of a season of films which will be transmittted over the summer.

    I am looking for contributors who are happy to talk about their experiences with us. Just from reading some of the blogs it seems that you have all worked with people who have at some stage told you about their experiences with weaves, near death waxing experiences, eyelash tints that have almost resulted in blindness etc.

    This is not watchdog and we are certainly not pointing any fingers. This is very much a personal look at beauty. We are also featuring positive stories told by strong, very individual characters.

    I would love to hear from you, even if its for a quick chat. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0208 2258794.

    Woooohoooo, a new man!! I'm so happy for you! I'm really well, but would be even better if I moved to Spain - might just find me a man :) xx
    Hi Sarah! I've only just seen your visitor message! No probs about dinner, as I said, it was on Steve! Hope you're well xx
    Sorry ... that is just not enough info for me!! I wish to know more. Like where and when and how you met etc. If I get dumped again like last time I will be VERY upset. :) Either it's pm time or you need to come over now for a cuppa and a chat.
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