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  • ola.... how are you? feel like i havent seen you for ages, i will try and call in for a coffee this week, i might have a spray tan if you have space. x
    Hi, I am fine thanks glad the salon getting busy for you, so how many of you are working there hun and do you open everyday xx
    hello.... just thought i would say hi, as i dont see you very often now.. miss your dippy comments! xx
    Hi there.. Yes, she was lovely.. got an interview with the college 2nd June.. Cant do the level 3 day release route as I am s/emp and u have to be emplyed for that unfortunately, so don't know whether I can end up doing it or not... :-( xxx
    Hi sarah, didn't no you were on here! I told emma to tell you 'WELL DONE' on your win , but I can tell you myself now!!!! WELL DONE! xxxxxxxxxx
    hello my lovely congratulatios on your 1st place, i was sssssoooo pleased for you...hope to see you at g-mex in the next level? xx
    Hi sarah i have been messageing emmie b thought i would say hello as i am a stokie as well she as asked me to come over the salon cause i want to refresh me on things as i have been out of business for awhile and want to get back into it, so how are you??
    Hello Millie!! Thought I'd christen your new profile page now that you have finally become a 'geek' ha ha!!
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