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  • hello,is the part time position still available?im a holistic therapist doing,Reflexology,body massage,hot stones,ear candles,aroma facials,spray tans. where is the salon and is this a self employed position,thanks,lynda.
    hi sarah, i noticed you were trying to get a group together to get intimate waxing through kim lawless, have you done this already, or was you unable to get numbers up? x
    sorry dont know if you got my reply to the pm you sent me, my computer dissconected so i will write it again. i will have to leave by 1.45 to be home in time to pick up amy from school. so we can do as much as poss im the time we have x
    Hiya Sarah,
    I cant wait to see you and get my nail done on thursday. Do you want me to bring anything?
    See you thursday
    Gemma x
    Hiya Sarah,
    Great to see you the other day and i hope you had a good weekend away with the girls.
    I have contacted calgel, i cant wait to get going with it. there is training in dec but i dont think i can get the cash together that quickly. i think i will have to learn how to be patient.
    cant wait to do some treatment swapping with you. if you have any dates in mind we can arrange it.
    just out of intrest how do you find the calgel french application. i have read some threads on here that say they can have a yellow colour. have you noticed that?

    gemma x
    Hi Kim, thanks I know I can. Just don't like to bother you cos I know you're always busy!!! x
    Hi doll. You know you can always call me and I'll talk you through brows. 07739 832 328. I'm in Cardiff training for a few days but leave a message and I'll call you back. xxx
    No, I have no experience with gel so I don't think it'll be any good for me. Thanks for the info though xx
    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the information. I don't think I could afford £45.00 per hour like, if it's ok with you can I have Wendy's number and I'll give her a bell and just get some more details etc. I've just spent a bit on new gels so the 2nd July would be ok for me as I'm skint this month now. Thanks for the info though. x x x

    Didn't know whether I should reply to the whole forum or to this as I'm still trying to find my feet.. never mind.

    I'm defo going to go with Creative, and yes it'll be great to do the course together. I just need to save some dosh up first.. hopefully I'll be able to get in done next month as I really need to get sorted sooner rather than later. x x x
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