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  • Haha yes i understnad what you mean, i have only done the shellac on 3 ppl but a few times eachh, one is a severe biter so really really hard to seal the edge as there isnt any freeedge whatsoever, ones nails are quite good but she goes to the allotment a lot ect and the other has quite good nails, but havent got an explanation y there not on her lol, i charge £18 for a tan i use sienna x hun x
    I only started the tanning ect from march so its still slow, thats how i cope with both kids lol, hopefully by the time business starts to pick up my eldest will be at school, im just starting to get a few regulars and loving it. I am lucky that my husband is self employed also so he works the mornings then i have the afternoons and evenings to work :). I have watched countless videos including fingernail fixers, it seems to chip at the freedege, no other problems anywhere else, im sealimg it but perhaps it could be sealed a little thick ect, god knows, hows business with you, have you been in the industry long? x
    one of my boys is 4 and off to school in september :( then the other is 7 months old, im not sure why i am having the problems, its frustrating as i dont know what i am doing wrong? not sure id its because i only did the day course in manicure and my shellac and minx and really a bit uneducated in nails, im thinking of going p/t at college for the manicure as i dont feel i know enough if you know what i mean? i have emailed cnd with how i aplly ect hoping to hear something soon, if not i will book for the 1-2-1 in hope of finding out what i am doing wrong im sure its probably something small, how old are your children? x
    Ahh i know what u mean i have to young boys! So will u be offering gelish and shellac? im struggling with the shellac, canr seem to get them to last :(
    hi sax'd_out i am still trying to get used to all this so i actually replied on my own page lol here was my reply

    Hi at the moment i just do spray tanning, i did do lash extensions but i couldnt get on with them :( I have just done spa manicure too and off to do minxx and shellac tomorow :) how about you? x
    Yes i had purple natural polished nails! I wanted to wear natural nails incase i was lucky enough to get a demo! :) I also had my hair scrunched up in a black/silver flower clip because im trying to grow it long, takes ages trying to grow out an inverted bob!
    Yes i agree about the drawbacks of working alone, i bore the hairdressers to death with all my geeky nail talk, then my hubby when i get home! None of them have a clue what im talking about and just pretend to look interested :lol:
    Hell yeah it was well fantastic!! Im still buzzing now lol. I left just after 3 thou, i worked myself up with excitment before it all started so i was really exusted! I was queing for about 11 during the day and the que was massive then, needed to get my bits i wanted before it all sold out! Did you buy anything? Did you see me? I wouldn't know if i had seen you because i wouldn't know who i was looking for xx
    Hi sorry not been on for a few days. Did you get your new colours?
    Yeah your not very far from me. Do you do your CND training at bournmouth? I noticed we do same system treatments too lol xx
    Hi again, if its 1.95 then yes it is. Sweet Squared only sell one type of nail disk. The rest are colour pop displays. hth xxx
    Hi sax'd_out. Clearly pink is the third french anti clockwise. It is almost clear in colour on a clear tip but may have some pink colour on a nail plate. I find clear tips dont always show a good french colour. hth xx
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